Sanaia Applesauce Net Worth 2020 – 6 Figure Business

Sanaia Applesauce Net Worth 2020

Sanaia Applesauce Net Worth 2020

Sanaia Applesauce Net Worth 2020 – As a fashion designer, she began to work and continued to be full-time as a CEO with New York fashion designer.

When it comes to building an empire then all we need is to do our full efforts, hard work, and determination.

When one keeps the three pace then one will be able to achieve what they want in life.

Next is strategy what works, if you are working accordingly then you will be able to achieve at the same point.

Keisha Jeremie has been known to grow up in the paradise “Island of Bahamas”. By living in the world of the island therein she grew up to be around various fruits and spices. Sanaia Applesauce Net Worth 2020

She has been away from her home as she was studying so at that point she has to be away from some.

She has been blending various fruits to make the various recipes and to make out something better. While sitting at one of the corners under the tree therein she thought that what could be made to make the best of all.

She raised her research for some of the exotic flavors and could mix with green apples in the hope that Sanaia Applesauce would help people to take and experience their paradise.

Refining The Applesauce Recipe And Investment

Sanaia Applesauce Net Worth 2020 With years Keisha thought to refine the recipe by mixing various fruits that she had remembered as a little girl.

This blending took her to the Bahamas where she has for many years, she had sensed her old-time as she is at home.

She also had invested around $500,000 to start Sanaia Applesauce of her own. She also had her responsibility to take care of her parents and sibling.

This has made her not to quit their full-time job. So she had to manage to look both.

Her dreams plan was building aside and then she went to shark tanks in hope of getting some revenue that could take her business ahead.

Reaching Shark Tank

Sanaia Applesauce Net Worth 2020 When she was in need to take Sanaia Applesauce to the next level there is the appearance of a shark tank came into.

She went to them in hope that she could collect some amount that could help them to make her business run, as there was a shortage of money.

She started off by explaining what her business is and how can the revenue be generated.

If this could run heavily then there will be huge demand from the side of people.

There are two types of packages available-

There is a glass jar

And other is of a plastic jug

There was a testing phase done that could analyze how the product is going and it came out to generate around  $40,000 in sales.

Keisha was asking for around $150,000 investment that in return could give shark around 15 percent of the equity share.

There was a huge pitch made for Sanaia Applesauce from other retailers as well, so shark tank though that it could be a loss for them if she went to another company, as she had also mentioned Amazon for the same.

There was an offer made by Barbara that she rejected and thought to make a bit big. Her job was all for others, she explained but later she wanted to do for her own and there was her dream known to be Sanaia Applesauce.

Eventually, shark tank was impressed by the pitch that she made and was ready to make an investment for her project.

The offer went off and with $150,000, this was the amount that could take her dream project on and she could live for her.

Later it was found that she had quit the hr job that she was in previous, and took another executive job.

She was not found to be focused on her project. There are not many products available and some of them over Walmart.

The social media pages are active but no many varieties can be seen, this could make the sense that she is not been dealing with her project and might be busy with her job.

The offer given by the shark tank was huge and she could have taken that forward to make things work easier.

This way she could have lived her own way, there is no such prior information of her and we have to explore for the same.

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