She Talk Too Much But I Still Hit Lyrics – DJ Chose

She Talk Too Much But I Still Hit Lyrics

She Talk Too Much But I Still Hit Lyrics

She Talk Too Much But I Still Hit Lyrics – There is a variety of music around the world with millions of fans around, your taste differs according to your choice, some likes to listen slow, some pop and classical.

With so many singers and pop lyrists, there has been much music that has been composed and got into the hearts of millions of people.

It is their hard work and determination to composing that takes them towards the level that wanted to. with so many lyrics around She Talk Too Much But I Still Hit is one making its sound in the mind of people that has been made by DJ Chose.

He is known as one of the Houston Party Raper, he sometimes goes into the area that can relate you off the old genes and allow them to be back in some good old times.

Well it is isn’t great, that into the modern world you get to know and listen to some of the old lyrics that you might get to lock for your life.

DJ Chose was born in Houston but he raised in Youngstown, Ohio.

He made his first break in 2009, and it was when Swishahouse DJ O.G. Ron C. added him to his stable of Chopstar DJs.

Also in 2011, he joined the Swishahouse group names as Brook Gang, later he also worked as a producer where he was with Uncle Luke, Kirko Band, Dorrough, and then 2014 he joined Beatking as a single hit.

In 2015 he released the mixtape IncaseYouForgot.

With so many hits and making millions of followers through his music, he has lived his dream. Also, it is a great achievement for any singer to achieve and make his dream come true.

Shifting to another level She Talk Too Much But I Still Hit is something on his next track. The lyrics as it follows-

Here is the Lyrics

Ain’t that Dj Chose over there?

Look like Dj chose

What’s Up Bre

What’s Up Ki

What’s Up Lisa, damn I want all 3

(come here!)

Ashley, Ashley (hey)

I get hard when she walk past me

(look at that ass)

Cuz she thick

Thi thi thi thi thi thick

Thi thi thi thi thi thick

Thi thi thi thi thi thick

She make me stutter

And her friends


Thi thi thi thi thi thick

Thi thi thi thi thi thick

Thi thi thi thi thi thick

f^ck, I want all of ’em

the whole lyrics are still not here, all you need to go to his albums to explore this and you will be in the rocking stage to listen to his pop music.

DJ Chose has given varieties to make his list full of the one that cannot be rejected, although it is the attempt of every lyrist. She Talks Too Much But I Still Hit is one such that you must listen to.

It is available over the web so you can either download the song or also you can listen online.

There are many kinds of music updated to the latest trend and music and pop music is one of the favorite choices among the young generation.

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