Our staff consists of four talented authors headed by our founder who ties together their skills with ample attention to detail. The manner in which our team works in consonance with one another to bring you quality news is one of complete integrity. Their conscientious attitude towards their work is what makes us unique in the industry. 

The Newz Square Team

Robert Middlebrooks
Founder & Editor

Our founder Robert is the leader of our team. He is a popular figure around the office, and is especially loved by our team of talented authors. His wonderfully humorous personality makes work life a lot happier for all those who depend on him for their editorials and fact checks. He is a firm editor, known for his eloquence and articulate work. 

Joseph Johnson
Contributor- Politics

They say not everyone has the gift of gab to be able to talk about politics in the correct light - but Joseph is the perfect mix between a healthy critic, and a realist cynic. 

Lisa Kenney
Contributor- Education

Lisa at first sight, seems like a timid personality, and a soft-spoken lady. She embodies the spirit of the well spoken educator.

Sandra Williams
Contributor- Health & Science

Sandra is a science enthusiast and a researcher by nature. Her articles are informative and eloquent in equal measures, and always include knowledge that is verified by authentic sources. 

Philip O'Connor
Contributor- Law & Order

A legal professional by education, and a stickler for rules, Philip brings rules and regulations within check for our website. 

Prabhjyot Bhatia
Writer & Editor

I am the professional blogger and content writer, love to unlock the doors of knowledge. I want to explore my sphere of creativity to inspire and motivate people with my writings, globally. I Believe In Me!