This powerlifting 82-year-old grandma made an intruder regret breaking into her home


A drunk man made the mistake of entering the Rochester, New York home of an 82-year old grandmother who made sure he regretted his decision.

Willie Murphy claimed that as she was getting ready for bed on Thursday night, a man began to pound on her door, asking her to call him an ambulance. Alarmed, she called the police but refused to let the man into her house. At this, the man became angry and broke into the door, and entered her house.

In the mostly dark room, Willie, the old woman, was alone. However, she is a force to reckon with if her bulging muscles are anything to go by. She proudly maintains that “he chose the wrong house to break into”.

Murphy is an award-winning bodybuilder who works out at the local YMCA gym every single day.

She used a number of household items to attack the drunk intruder, starting with the table. She broke the table on him before moving on to use the metal legs on the table to continue her attack. Then she jumped on the man a few times, ran to the kitchen, and squirted some baby shampoo into the man’s eyes when he attempted to get up. She finished the job by using a broom to beat him senseless.

The intruder was well aware of his regrettable choice by then, but since Murphy can deadlift 225 pounds, she had no trouble dragging him out of her house. She talked about how the man was deadweight and heavy.

At this point, the police were on the scene, responding to Murphy’s call earlier. The man continued to lay on the floor as the police came to get him and looked relieved to be out of the house.

He seemed happy to be in an ambulance and out of reach of the angry old lady!


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