Valerie Parr Hill Net Worth – A Well-known Businesswoman

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Valerie Parr Hill Net Worth – Women have taken a huge place in the world, whether it is the home place or in terms of contributing economy, Valerie Parr is a well-known businesswoman, Tv personality, and a home décor expert on QVC ( that is the biggest TV network).
She is known to be completed 27 years over this.

She is from Rochester, Minnesota.

She is born on April 25, 1958.

She has been grown up in Lexington, Kentucky from the age of 3.

She has attended Glendover Elementary School.

There is requires a lot of effort, hard work, and determination to reach the level and thus making a place among the famous businesswoman.
Women are taking a keen step to take their place and also a contribution to the economy. It is said that women are not less than men and making flourish in all categories.

Valerie Parr Hill Family

Her mother late Dr. Eugene Q. Parr and father Late Joan Lykins Parr. Her father passed away in the year 2019 was a surgeon and while her mother was a professional teacher

Talking about the siblings she has two brothers and she is the youngest of all.

Valerie Parr Hill is married to Willam Hill, as he is from Long Island.

She has a small family of two sons named Gene and Jeffery.

She currently resides in New Jersey.

Talking About Her Net Worth

After her graduation, she started to serve as a public servant and managed for the fundraising for education, wildlife protection, and fine arts institution.

She also holds some passion for hospitality and there later she turned to show her interest in home décor.
She holds her passion to decorate home and give them a new look and change that can be in the benefits of people and also change is necessary.

She managed to set up her own company named The Valerie Parr Company in 1991.

Later she joined QVC in 1993 where the show called Decorating with Wreaths was a huge success and also she signed a partnership with QVC in 1993.

When she was involved in home decoration and later she also published her book In October 2000 and she also runs her television show named heartfelt Homes, heartfelt Holidays, and Home Fragrance. She is a member of the board of Trustees at Asbury University.

She also plays piano and won pageant for many shows. She is known to be a very kind person by her friends and a well- known personality.

She holds a great sense of personality and when it comes to her business then holds great command over. Holding a great education has made her reach this success and no doubt also it requires a firm determination to reach this level. She was also crowned Fayette ‘s Junior Miss 1974.

Behind this charming and beautiful personality, there is a lot that you can know about Valerie Parr Hill.

Every detail shows her potential and how she managed her way to such a successful career. She has managed her family, friends, and taken a big step to her journey to make each and every single step that can flourish at last.

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