Who is the Richest Team RAR Member?

Richest Team RAR Member

Richest Team RAR Member

Who is the Richest Team RAR Member  – Team RAR is a group of companions that make the epic substance of their undertakings, difficulties, investigations, and everyday life.

This team accepts no one ought to ever truly grow up and through our substance. We endeavor to challenge the unthinkable and rouse our crowds to run contrary to the natural order of things.

“RAR” was taken from the Latin expression “rara avis”, an uncommon fowl, an exceptional individual that remains contrary to what would be expected.

This typifies the beginning of every individual from Team RAR as we have each relinquished regular vocation direction to make something all alone. “RAR” additionally serves as an abbreviation for “Uncommon and Ridiculous”.

Team RAR Creators:

Carter Sharer

Carter began making recordings on Youtube as an outlet for his inventiveness after moving on from Carnegie Mellon with a BS in Computer Engineering and Robotics.

Driven by his requirement for pushing the limits and love for breaking new ground, Carter began Dream Team Studios to archive the energizing difficulties, trials, and works with companions, setting the establishments for what is currently Team RAR.

As an organizer of the association, Carter bobs to and fro between content creation and business the board, setting the vital vision for the gathering. In his extra time, you can discover him investigating land bargains, working out, and unwinding on beautiful drives along the Malibu coast.

Lizzy Capri

Lizzy Capri is the main female content creator on Team RAR. As a previous university swimmer, Lizzy uses her hard-working attitude and group arranged a way to deal with facilitate association-wide video ideation and creation.

She holds both a BS in Statistics and a BS in Technical Writing from Carnegie Mellon University.

Stove Cho

Stove lives hopefully and consistently moves toward new difficulties with a grin and a receptive outlook.

As a previous measurable examiner, he joins his quantitative foundation and imaginative streak to create positive, energizing, engaging substance.

Ryan Prunty

As the most youthful maker of the group, Ryan consolidates his innovative aspiration with his earlier creation experience to make interesting cleaned recordings.

Outside of work, Ryan likes playing guitar, rock climbing, and spending time with companions.


Matt started to work with the Team RAR as an editorial manager for Carter’s channel and is presently a senior supervisor and maker of the Team RAR channel.

At the point when Matt isn’t editing he can be directing short films, acting, eating Korean BBQ, and going to new places with companions.

Milli Capri

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