www.tadamoncovid.ma: Moroccan Website Offering Financial Aid to Families Affected by COVID-19



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The tadamoncovid is a transitory backing operation that provides monetary aid given by the state to the informal sector benefit families who are affected by the Coronavirus.

This money related help will be defined as follows:

AED 800 for a family having two or fewer members

1000 Dirhams for a family having three to four people

1200 Dirhams for a family with above four individuals

Those desiring to avail benefit by the brief help process must fill out a form by entering the right information carefully.

Non-Registered Ramid Individuals to Avail Benefit Via Tadamoncovid.ma

The Economic Vigilance Committee reported the licensing methodology for individuals who are not enrolled in the Ramid administration and who work in the informal segment.

Here you will discover a clarification of how to enroll on the tadamoncovid.ma site, and the Ministry of Economy and Finance report to tadamoncovid ma Tadamon Covid-19.

Directions for How to Register on the Tadamoncovid.ma

Those wishing to avail benefit from the provisional help process must fill out the form provided on the website. You need to enter your correct details cautiously.

Firstly, enter tadamoncovid.ma as appeared in the browser and enter your data.

If you have a bank account, enter the bank identification number RIB.

Additionally, enter data about your place of home and your home details.

Next, enter the data identified with your work or occupation correctly.

After that, enter your phone number for the leader of the family unit.

When entering the telephone number and tapping on the “confirm telephone number” choice, you will get a message with your telephone containing numbers that you should enter in the “verification code” box.

Then, you should check the crate “I guarantee the rightness of the data provided in the application”.

Subsequently, you need to enter the confirmation word.

Next, ensure that the data you have given is right. At that point click on the Register Application option. Here, you have finished the form filling process.

You presently need to trust that your document will be inspected by the skillful specialists. Then, you will get a message on your phone if your file is acknowledged.

The Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Administration Reform expresses that the help for individuals engaged with Ramid’s administration with regards to a health crisis affirmed by the applicable specialists must be pulled back by the leader of the family.

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