Bev Boy Net Worth By Kevin Waltermire – Shark Tank

Bev Boy Net Worth By Kevin Waltermire

Bev Boy Net Worth By Kevin Waltermire

Bev Boy Net Worth By Kevin Waltermire – With so many products that have shark tank introduced to the world, it’s team make efforts to do examinations before make or introducing them to the public.

Kevin Waltermire from California who has pitched the product named Bev Boy or Beverage boy who floats in water and in the year 2015. Bev Boy Net Worth 

The product was not a big hit as per the pitched and was able to hold around $10, 000 before it appeared on the shoe.

Before The Introduction To Bev Boy

Before the introduction to the shark tank, he attended the College of Charleston and also taken part in a year’s global MBA program.

Later Kevin also participated in the shark tank pitch to be in the line of business in exchange but he did not manage to win that exchange.

There were two men who walked out of the stage and serving the live display of the product.

What is A Bev Boy?

As there are cases that you went to any beach or vacations, you ought to take the beverages with you to make you cool and comfortable

But these beverages cannot be kept cold for long. So there is a product named Bev Boy that is a plastic container or a foam container that will help you to keep your beverage cold.

So that even after a few hours you can drink them the way you want. It remains in the chill condition.

Kevin who was the mind behind the Bev Boy walked towards the shark tank and made an announcement of his product.

He was looking forward to getting 50,000 in exchange for a 15 percent equity stake in the business.

He named his company Bev Boy.

Kevin explains about his product all the benefits in the best possible way he can. When one o=is making any idea to be presented in the form of any product then there are many ideas and skills that have been implemented towards the same.

Robert who is one of the team members of the shark tank asked Kevin if he could bring the sample, he agreed to show the product and also to how it can be beneficial to people.

Value For Bev Boy- Revenue Could Be Generated

Mark told that he has managed to hold the product 2,500 units or $10,500 revenue that has been generating in the last six months.

The cost of the product that took place was around $2 unit. and later it was sold to $10 for retail and $5 for the manufacturer.

The product was not able to make up for the huge amount, what could be the reason, Kevin thought that it would be because it might have not been presented in front of correct people.

As if for 2018, there are current sales for the company and there are also 1200 like over Facebook and tiny. They have also a new office in Brooklyn, NY.

And as of July 2016,  Bev Boy has updated its design, and hence it can it has taken a huge place in the market.

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