CFP Officials Assessing Sideline Access Policy after Odell Beckham Jr. Drama

Odell Beckham Jr. Drama

Officials of the College Football Playoff will examine the practice of permitting populace outside the partaking teams, such as previous players or celebrities, on the sideline in the national semifinals and championship sports, executive director Bill Hancock stated on Thursday.

NFL star and earlier LSU participant Odell Beckham Jr. formed a debate and a probable NCAA contravention when he was caught on film after Monday’s national championship game on the field, presenting money to few LSU players.

The school, which first said the bills were false, later concluded that Beckham handed out some real cash. This could be a breach of NCAA regulations if it is resolved sportspersons with eligibility remaining obtained money.

Beckham then was blamed for an offense simple battery charge after the Cleveland recipient came out to spank a security guard’s buttocks Monday in the LSU locker room after the Tigers beaten Clemson to earn the national title. An arrest warrant was handed out Thursday, New Orleans Police public information officer Aaron Looney stated.

“Being on the sidelines is an advantage,” Hancock mentioned. “Along with any concession comes accountability, since the concentration should be on the public playing and coaching in the game, rather than on any visitors. The CFP will be examining its policy for permitting guests onto the sidelines and into locker rooms at future sports games.”

Having past sportspersons, superstars or other non-team members on the sidelines in games is common in college athletics. Schools usually are allowed to make their own decision on who is given access – something that could modify in the College Football Playoff if the committee decides to alter its rule.

Hancock said for the three playoff games, schools get a group of testimonials and they utilize them as they consider it well. Of course, most are required by coaches, trainers, managers, equipment people and other people who have direct game responsibilities. Players on the bench do not need recommendations, of course.”

Messages to LSU on whether the Beckham Jr. incident would cause the school to re-examine its rule were not instantly returned.

The matter of a probable breach of NCAA regulations, at present, is in LSU officials’ hands. NCAA rules require the schools to confirm their athletes’ eligibility to contend, although they can seek NCAA staff analysis of several situations. Furthermore, schools are accountable for the activities of what the policies call representatives of their athletics benefits – and Beckham almost surely would fall into that category for LSU.



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