Chicago Dispensary Locations 2020

Chicago Dispensary Locations 2020


At the beginning of January 1, 2020, Illinois legalized recreational marijuana. Adults aged 21 and above will be able to purchase up to 30 grams, or about 1 ounce, of marijuana flower, edibles totaling no more than 500mg of THC, and 5 grams of cannabis concentrate products. Non-residents will be able to buy half those amounts.

The state left it up to individual cities, villages, and municipalities to choose if they will permit recreational marijuana sales. So will you be able to purchase marijuana in your town?


Marijuana sales will be allowed in most of Chicago, but Mayor Lori Lightfoot initiated a zoning ordinance that would set up an exclusion zone in the city’s Central Business District, which takes in the Loop and the Magnificent Mile, a major tourist attraction and a key source of revenue for the city.

The rest of the city is separated into seven zones with 13 marijuana retail regions allowed in each.


Algonquin will not permit recreational marijuana sales in 2020.

The village board was set to vote in early December to disallow cannabis sales.


Antioch will permit recreational marijuana sales in 2020.

The city’s mayor was the tie-breaking vote at the city council’s Dec. 20 meeting, voting to permit adult-use cannabis businesses to set up shop in town.

Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights will not permit recreational marijuana sales.

The village board voted 5-3 on November 4 to forbid adult-use cannabis businesses. One trustee was not present. The week before the board voted 6-3 in favor of exclusion on the same ordinance.

Barrington Hills

Barrington Hills will not permit adult-use cannabis sales in 2020.

The decision to disallow was made in late October.

Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove will permit recreational marijuana sales.

Despite a large turnout from residents opposed to recreational cannabis sales, the village board approved zoning regulations to permit it, the Daily Herald reported. Only one trustee voted against the order.

Per the ordinance, only two recreational dispensaries will be permitted to function in Buffalo Grove. Growing, cultivation, processing and food sales outside of edibles are ban by the ordinance. The rule also prohibits the on-site consumption of marijuana or cannabis products.


Carpentersville will permit recreational marijuana sales in 2020.

The village has also decided to levy a 2% tax on gross sales receipts. The maximum tax permitted is 3%.

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake will also permit recreational marijuana sales.

The city council allowed a zoning ordinance in a 7-1 vote to permit dispensaries. The decree does not permit other kinds of businesses such as cultivation centers or processors, to function. The city council said the decision to ban those other kinds of businesses can be revisited in the future.

The city council also voted to include a 3% sales tax on marijuana businesses in Crystal Lake.


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