Download Rema Ginja – Nigerian Singer And Rapper – Rema Ginja Me

Download Rema Ginja

Download Rema Ginja

Download Rema Ginja Rema Ginja Me Download Rema Ginger me – Trendy and popular song is what makes humans happy, there are a variety of songs that people listen according to their choice, so you can explore songs over the web.

If you have your favorite singers then this becomes the topmost advantage, so you can get to explore more about your star album, latest collections, and lot more.

Rema Ginja the real name is Divine Ikubor, recorded a hit known as “Gucci Gang,” by the local Nigerian artist D’Prince.

While sitting in a car with a maroon jacket delivered a sequence of rapid bars.

Rema is known to be the hottest artist in Nigeria. The first released called “Ginger Me” that is one of the finest song followed by Alien and the latest Woman when Rema went all local to the song.

The singers are known for their performance and the blockbusters that they give. No doubt the public contributes a huge platform for them and besides there hard work and dedication is what matters.

All about Rema

He grew up in a family that belongs six members in Benin City, the capital of Nigeria’s Edo state.

The ancient city, with all deep culture and tradition that one can never forget, the place has mesmerizing presence and so one could not forget.

Rema has lived there and aspired to become a singer. The involvement took into the hometown respectively in Christ of Mercy Church.

The program called Rap Nation where he was as youth leader took part and where he taught how to do rap.

Singing song and rapping are two-phase that if one is taking or opting as their part needs time and dedication and so Rema did.

He says in 2008 his father expired and after 7 seven-year his brother so this was a sad for him and the rest of the family member.

It was then when the financial crises took place and the rest of the family members had to suffer.

He said that he was the only man in the house who has to take care of all responsibility and feed his family so it was something tough that he has to undergo during the years.

At that time he stated that –

He came back to Benin City a changed man, drawing on the common impacts he’d ingested during his year in Ghana:

“When I enjoyed that reprieve I saw life-like, reality.”

The day after his “Gucci Gang” free-form, he got a call from D’Prince, who welcomed him to Lagos, Nigeria, and offered him a record bargain. Rema moved there the following day.

“I resembled, ‘This is my solitary possibility,'” he says.

“I needed to substantiate myself. Around then, I had no Afrobeats tunes — carefully hip-bounce, carefully trap. D’Prince began pitching some Afrobeats to me, and I began vibing.”

The biggest hit of him known as the bubbly, melodic “Dumebi, reached 20 million on Spotify and he still manages to give his best and try to connect with people, he states that he is shy in meeting people and this the reason he does not meet up people so this cannot be taken as negative he claimed.

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