How Much McDonald’s Pay to Zomato per Delivery?

McDonald’s India has partnered with the Zomato for food delivery in the Northern and Eastern regions. The company announced in the statement that the service will be provided through over 125 McDonald’s restaurants in the northern and eastern regions.

Accordingly, the customers in North India and East India will now be able to order McDonald’s foodstuff like burgers, French fries, etc. through Zomato. Thus, McDonald’s food items will be delivered to the doorsteps of the customers.

The company also added that the customers of the northern and eastern regions can easily order food items of McDonald’s by using the Zomato application. The ordered food items will be delivered to the entrance of the customers at the time.

The company also said that food delivery through McDonald’s will be offered to the customers via more than 125 McDonald’s restaurants in these areas. So, the customers can now order McDonald’s food online through the Zomato. The customers can look at the different food items presented by McDonald’s through McDonald’s Zomato menu.

The statement said that the live order-tracking feature of Zomato’s is reorganized and well-run with an in-restaurant function to offer the best experience for customers by bringing their food as hot from the oven as possible.

Zomato delivery boys delivering McDonald’s food items earn approximately between 25,000 and 50,000 per month. The earning depends on factors such as the number of deliveries accomplished and the distance they travel over. Zomato Media Private Limited has seen their incomes increased in the past six months as the food delivery companies struggle a luxurious battle to acquire a bigger grip in this fast-budding marketplace.

McDonald’s India also said that it has partnered with an online eating place guide, food ordering, and delivery platform – Zomato for additional increasing the accessibility and convenience of McDelivery for the Northern and Eastern districts.

McDonald’s India – North and East, Operations and Training Senior Director Rudra Kishore Sen said that they are energized to make McDelivery easy to get to for the customers on Zomato, one of India’s important online food delivery platforms. It makes it even more suitable for them to relish their favorite McDonald’s menu items.

Zomato Food Delivery – Chief Operating Officer Mohit Sardana said that it is completely fantastic to associate with a brand that modernized and reformed the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) section in the country. The McDonald’s restaurants in North and East India are managed and directed by Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited.


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