Cardiff Student Union (CUSU): Get All the Latest Information of Cardiff University

Cardiff Student Union is the union of the students of Cardiff University. It is located in Cardiff, Wales. Cardiff Student Union’s official website is The new scholars of the university can register through this website.

This student union provides support to more than 200 student societies and 60 sports clubs with above 10,000 members. The Cardiff Student Union is considered as the voice of scholars at Cardiff University. All the students can campaign about issues important to them through this union.

Trading Subsidiary of Cardiff Student Union 

The trading subsidiary of Cardiff Student Union is the Cardiff Union Services Limited. This additional firm handles an on purpose developed facility in the center of Cardiff. It also looks after the supervision of the cafes, bars, shops, and events that assist in funding student union’s altruistic activities.

This Student Union is situated at Park Place and the Heath Park campus. It engages more than 100 permanent employees and 300 student workforce.

Elections of the CUSU

CUSU is an elected membership organization. It is directed by groups like Elected Officers, Campaign Officers, Scrutiny Committee, Student Senate, and NUS delegates.

The elections are held twice each year. For Student Senate, Scrutiny Committee, and NUS Delegates and any positions that were not filled in the February Main Elections, By-Elections are organized in October.

Main Elections are conducted in February for Campaign Officer Positions and Elected Officer.

Facilities, Shops & Services

The Students Union at the Heath is located in the IV Lounge in the Neuadd Meirionnydd building. It provides services like Jobshop, Skills Development Services, Student advice and many more.

The second floor of the Students Union presently accommodates the central reception, event function space and the newly upgraded Centre for Skills, Enterprise and Volunteering, and recently developed Food outlets, the Taf and the nightclub, Y Plas.

The Union can connect the Taf bar and Y Plas with the Great hall to make a “supper club” of 4000 audiences composing it as the biggest nightclub in Cardiff, and the largest in Wales.

On the third floor of the Students Union, the students can meet the elected officer squad to join a sports club or society and to get concerned in Student Voice and democratic practices. A counseling service called Student Advice is also set-up. It addresses all the issues that students may encounter.

Sports Activities

The Athletic Union of CUSU supports all sporting activities at Cardiff University. It offers support to the students running 60 sports clubs that include individual and team sports, martial arts, and outdoor and water sports.


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