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Heriot Watt University is a great learning center filled with study, fun, and excitement. But at times, the scholars will need some guidance and support. Thus, this University offers a wide range of support services with responsive and amicable staff. The staff always listens and provides advice, support, and information the scholars require during their time at the University.

Heriot Watt student Services is an important portal for the students to get practical advice and support on all types of issues like settling into university life, accommodation, money, disability, and personal security.

Heriot Watt also offers services for students with disabilities. The university campus is up to date and well prepared for those of students who have a disability. If a student has revealed a disability earlier to the start of his course, employees in the Disability Service will meet that student to provide constant professional guidance and support during his time at University.

The Disability Service of Heriot Watt University offers support and guidance with study expertise if a student faces certain learning trouble like dyslexia. Moreover, it provides assistive technology to aid students to defeat any obstacles to learning.

Services or Facilities Offered to the Students of Heriot Watt University

The Student Services Centre and Student Wellbeing Services offices are situated in the Hugh Nisbet building, opposite to each other on the main corridor.

Heriot Watt Student Well Being Centre

The Wellbeing Services offer assistance for disability support, counseling, mental health support, mental health mentoring, student success advice, coaching, and thinking of leaving guidance, well-being advice, well-being activities, drop-in sessions, residence life, and study skills referrals.

The Careers Advisory Service of the University has been awarded for its contribution to the employment of the students. It offers an all-embracing and complete career education and proficient development programs of any higher learning institution. The Careers Advisory Service assists scholars to find a part-time job and holiday employment.

Heriot Watt Student Services Centre

The Student Services Centre offers help for the issue of ID cards, council tax exemptions, update of contact or addresses information, transcripts and confirmation of status letters, providing advice and signposting for students to other University departments, and processing payments and dealing with payment-related inquiries.

The Student Service Centre also offers organizational support for the registry functions and educational programs. Its staff provides advice on a range of scholarly matters to make certain that students be given the right information.

The chief responsibilities include administrative services, student records, examinations, enrollment, modifications to registration, fee collections, time-tables and room bookings, applications, clarification on policies and procedures and graduations.


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