MasteryConnect Student: Student Learning Assessment Technique

What is the MasteryConnect Student?

MasteryConnect is the evaluation and set of courses technique developed to illustrate student learning in an instinctive, visual manner, so teachers can concentrate on what matters most—enhancing students’ results.

Decisive Evaluation

Explore, form and present formative evaluations to get instant feedback about what your students know—and do not understand —so you can aim at involvement and fine-tune teaching at the moment.

Standard Assessment

Easily form standards employing item banks, including TEIs, for teachers to offer and achieve right in the classroom. Set expertise objectives assess development—even use standards in the formative course.

Syllabus Planning

Plan your set of courses by adding lesson plans, activities, videos, and other resources associated with any set of standards. Also, save time by creating plans year after year.

Teacher Group effort

Increase your PLC with mutual efforts tools, such as common evaluations and assessment reports, to achieve insight into best practices, learning styles, and instructional methods.

MasteryConnect Student Portal Outline

The MasteryConnect Student Portal offers you to access assessments and playlists completely from your teacher. Your teacher will forward you an activation email or print out login details for you to generate and log in to your student account at

The first time you log in, it will need you to set up a password. So, create a password that you will remember and then click save and continue. 

Home Page of MasteryConnect Student

After logging in, you can see any new activities from your teachers and classes on the homepage.

Up to date Classes

To check a certain class or subject, click on ‘Classes’ and select the one you want to see.


Here, you will see all the activities for the class you have chosen.

Class Assessments

Click on ‘Assessments’ to see all of your assessments for the class. You can arrange by those you have finished and ones that you need to begin. Teachers can make assessments available straight via the Student Portal so you can take an assessment without requiring a Test ID.

Learning Playlists

Teachers can also offer extra resources and learning activities employing playlists. As a student, you can click on ‘Playlists’ to see any available activities for your class and perform those concepts presented by your teacher.

Real-Time Progress Report

By clicking on the ‘Progress’ sub-tab, you can see an instantaneous progress report for your class. Your progress is broken down by benchmark with the mastery status and evaluations for each one. Click on the ‘assessment’ thumbnail to see the evaluation in detail, along with your answers if they were made available by your instructor. You can also view the progress reports of past terms.

Access Archived Classes

Students will have access to archived classes including answer keys, assessments, student answers, and item examinations if the instructor has not made it confidential.


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