How To Create a Binance Account? With 10% Cashback Trading Fee

Binance Cash back

Binance Cash back

You ever heard about easy ways to crypto exchange? Must have, but still confused about the idea of creating its account. Don’t worry; let us help you with the right thing to get reliability on crypto exchange with fewer hassles.

Why not go with Binance account-making in 2023 for seamless crypto exchange? It is one of the world’s popular crypto exchange platforms. However, you need to create an account prior to it. This actually is worth reaching, ensuring support on multiple cryptocurrencies. Its secure rapid exchange efficiency between fiat & volatile coins makes it popular.

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What Is Binance?

Binance is a brand name that comes under Binance Holdings Ltd. It is a global company that works and supports the largest cryptocurrency exchange. Binance operates on the daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies worldwide. It was founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao.

The Overview: Binance Account Creation

If you want reliable and safe support transactions or exchanges of cryptocurrencies, create an account on Binance. It is very eaHave sy for users and helpful for combining cryptocurrencies. You can quickly do that on your handy device, as the Binance web application is there. With account verification, it will all be done in a few minutes.

What requirements do you need to create and get verified on Binance mobile app? Here in the next section, we have detailed that. To complete registration, you must cross within verification stages such as KYC (Known your customer). This for the Binance app depends on region to region and account type.

Generally, Binance’s KYC in the USA includes below mentioned documents.

  • A valid passport.
  • Government-issued ID.
  • Driver’s license.
  • PAN card or your social security number.
  • Your voter’s ID.

Unlike the mobile application of Binance, you can also start the registration process via desktop/laptop. Just follow the step-to-step guide to Create Binance Account. Use your email address, phone number or Google Account. For Mac or iPhone users, Apple ID is also useful for registering.

1. Install the Binance application from or use our Referral Link.

2. After installation, open the app and sign up.

3. Use your phone number or email to start with the first step in the registration process.

4. Select your country from the Country/Area of Residence section in the dropdown.

5. Now click on Create Personal Account.

6. Click on the option Yes/No if you want to receive Binance updates or not (at the bottom of the screen, tap on it).

7. You may get a security check, so do it by sliding the lock into the place.

8. Check your registered email ID inbox if you received any verification code. Do copy & paste that Email Verification Code section/field. Then tap on Next.

9. Hit Enable to allow Binance with biometric authentication.

10. Add your phone number and hit next to verify it.

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12. Finally, click on Verify Now to start with the Binance KYC process.

The Steps To Binance KYC On Mobile Application:

Knowing your customer (KYC) is one of the important parts of Binance registration. With its registration/verification, no transaction or exchange of currencies on the Binance platform can be done.

Next, after completion of KYC, click Verify Now. Then follow the steps as follows;

1. Fill in all identity details/information carefully and click the Continue option for next.

2. Add your full residential address, postal code, city name etc., Then hit Continue again.

3. You will see a document selection page and tap on Other Documents. (check the list of other accepted documents). Hit Continue once again.

4. After selecting the document types, scan the ones you want with the proper angles that cover them. You also have efficiency in adding ID numbers in the given field and hitting the Continue button.

5. Next comes the facial recognition stage; click Begin Verification. (It may include certain AI-required instructions like tilting the head, blinking eyes, smiling etc.). So follow the instruction carefully.

6. Do not wear any hat, sunglasses or spectacles. Camera filters are also not allowed, so avoid them. Ensure the illumination is perfect within the surrounding area, so keep the phone vertically upright.

7. An automated message for success will appear. Thus can move to the next page once face recognition is done successfully. Now close this page and go to your dashboard.

The Steps To Create Binance Account Via Desktop:

1. In your browser, go to Binance via our referral link and click Register at the top right to begin with, account creation.

2. Choose Sign up via phone number or email address.

3. Binance via computer will auto-discover your country (by default). If not, select it from the country/area of residence dropdown option. Then click Confirm.

4. Tap the Create Personal Account section and fill email address & password. Now click on Yes/No (If you want or not Binance updates). Then hit Next.

5. Check your email ID for the Binance verification code. Copy & paste the code for account activation into the Email Verification Code field.

6. Add your phone number to get a verification code via SMS. Fill it in the provided section and click Submit.

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8. Finally, click the Verify Now button, and the Account Created page will roll over with the KYC phase.

The Steps To Binance KYC On Web App Over Desktop:

Next, after Verify Now section, it comes with the following steps;

1. Enter all asked information or details appropriately in the form and then click Continue.

2. Fill out the address information and again click Continue.

3. Select all IDs you prefer from the ID options and hit Continue.

4. Next, give ID information and tap Continue to complete ID verification at Binance.

5. Further, you need face recognization/verification, so do that. Do not wear a hat, sunglasses or spectacles. Also, avoid applying any camera filter and make sure of surrounding with proper light.

6. Read and follow all onscreen instructions for proper face recognition easily and successfully.

7. After facial verification, Binance automatically pops up with a success page. It means all is done perfectly.

How Long Does Binance Verification Take?

After KYC (Know Your Customers), Binance verification takes about a couple of minutes. It is an important but not lengthy process to follow up. Sometimes, it may take days even after KYC is done, depending on the region-to-region norms & credentials you submit.

Once everything is verified and done, you will see a green checkmark with a Verified Status on your profile icon. You can easily check for the top-left corner of the profile you made on the Binance Mobile App. You are even accessible to switch between Binance Lite & Binance Pro.

How To Protect Your New Binance Account?

Protection of apps with users’ funds and personal data is always important. Thus, as a user, you need to be careful as it is a crypto trading app, which may trigger hacking too. The Binance app ensures two-factor authentication to secure it against threatening actions like scams, hacks, etc.

Binance, however, does not support other app authentication as it easily pairs with Google or Binance authenticator. Easy installation can be done from Android Play Store or iOS App Store. You should avoid linking your Binance Wallet to any other service or app that is untrustable or unauthorized. Go with Binance’s in-app P2P exchange for easy crypto trading. However, trading off Binance may be a scam or fraud, so be careful.

What If Creating Your Binance Account Is Stuck & Rejected?

That’s a very common issue many people face during creating a Binance account getting rejected with KYC. It can be avoidable if you read, fill and apply for it under the asked instructions. Technically KYC rejections are in our hands as they happen due to impatience. The most precise reason for KYC rejection is facial recognition/verification or document scanning. So Binance verification needs clear information, as even on minor issues, it can be rejected.

The Bottom Line:

So next time you head on the plan for Binance Account, get things in queue to avoid rejection over verification of it or KYC. Be part of the world’s most popular Binance application for safe and reliable crypto exchange. A smoother verification is mandatory to create the account, and without it, you can trade or exchange any other cryptocurrencies worldwide.

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