How to efficiently use Attendance Management Systems in Schools?

How to efficiently use Attendance Management Systems in Schools?

How to efficiently use Attendance Management Systems in Schools?

In the dynamic and competitive world that we live in today, educational institutions have to meet the ever-increasing demand for advanced learning schools. They need to be updated with current learning trends, and methodologies, teachers manage time efficiently between several courses and classes regularly, and the staff members coordinate to create a learning environment that favours each student.

For this, multiple educational institutions have already adapted to the online methods of managing day-to-day activities. Beginning from school tasks to management and extra attention for personalisation, everything is now possible at your fingertips. Parents, teachers, and all stakeholders of the institution can come together in a learning management system specifically arranged by the school administration. But is an LMS enough to keep up with daily activities? An attendance management system is one of the most popular tools that has been recently adapted into the school software to make administration easy.

Here are a few methods how all teachers, students and even this school office can use the attendance portal efficiently;

Track student performance

Although attendance in the classroom is not the only thing that describes the intellectualism and focus level of a student, it is a good measure to see how academically serious a child is in attending all their classes. attending classes has ensured that 50% of the doubts are solved before students go home. A student performance tracker goes hand in hand with the attendance tracker, updated regularly by teachers for interested stakeholders to view in real-time.

In certain instances, when the student’s performance dips below average, reflected by a low attendance percentage in any particular subject or the entire class as a whole, concerned teachers are responsible for informing the student first and later reaching their parents in case the situation does not improve.

Tack staff performance

Just like students, teachers also have an attendance sheet and so do all the other staff members in any educational institution like a school. Every person has their specific responsibilities and being absent means either increasing the workload of their Co-workers or substitute teachers. Recording staff performance is important for two reasons, firstly the school needs to see how efficient every teacher is in what they teach, how they teach and the punctuality maintained. Secondly, sometimes there are pay cuts when teachers or school staff take too many leaves.

To maintain the payroll, and record producer, tracking the staff attendance reports is necessary. These are usually done monthly, or half yearly depending on the reputation of each staff member and proven proficiency levels in their work roles.

Update sheet regularly

Some institutions make the mistake of not understanding the importance of making real-time updates in any student attendance management system. Updating regularly keeps the parents informed about how well their child performs, and they might also make contact with the teacher if their child misses out on too much and needs personal revision classes. According to the recent curriculum, students are awarded some credit points on the basis of their attendance performance in a classroom. Not having an idea of how much they have missed and how many liberties they can further take in the session will make them lose out marks. When they are allowed to view the updated percentage of attendance in each subject, they are more keen and motivated for attending them all.

Easy calculation

Report cards include not only the marks percentages but also attendance percentages, calculating them is now easy because the software will automatically generate the percentage for each student. All the teacher has to do is simply copy and paste them into the student report cards. This automatic process eliminates a lot of unnecessary workloads imposed on teachers and office staff.


Initially, commitment is not easy to make. Every teacher will fully use the student attendance management system because it takes some amount of training and getting used to it. The same goes for accessing the portal in which all information is displayed, but with some encouragement from the school itself and the willingness to learn from all school and staff members, it is possible to efficiently become more productive in the everyday activities of an institution.


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