Ideal Container Used To Pack Blood Collected From Crime Scene

Ideal Container Used To Pack Blood Collected From Crime Scene

Ideal Container Used To Pack Blood Collected From Crime Scene

Ideal Container Used To Pack Blood Collected From Crime Scene,  How to collect the blood sample from the criminal place and doing the investigation? This is the most often question asked by many of them.

Before this, we need to know what is the importance of the collection of blood sample?

To know this is important because this can be used as evidence to know or to perform the DNA analysis.

With this when you are at the crime scene then you can collect two different sorts of the blood sample.

Ideal Container In Case Of Liquid  Blood Sample

It is in the liquid or the dried form, with this the liquid blood is collected from the blood pools, clothes and other parts.

Later when you have collected the sample then it is kept in the refrigerator and bought to the lab for further testing.

The sample further is kept at room temperature, the reason why the sample must be bought to the lab within 48 hours as later it is of no use.

Scientist cannot determine anything from it. It can happen that it has to send to another place, what needs to be done in this case?

The sample must be dried so that it can be sent to the respective lab and testing can be performed.

For if in case the sample is not completely dried then it should be rolled with paper and labelled while putting it in a bag.

You should note it that the sample should not be placed in plastic bags, the main reason is that is it gets moisture then it will have the chance to come in contact with microorganism.

In Case Of Dried Sample

When it comes to dried sample then it is found on a small object, clothes and larger object.

When found on a small object then it is packed completely and then sent to the lab for investigation.

On the other hand when it is found on a larger object then it should be covered with stained paper so that it is not contaminated.

Along with this, there are different ways through which you can collect the sample as well.

The sample sometimes can be cut into pieces and distributed to avoid contamination.

Next is the make use of fingerprint tape.

Prevent Contamination And Protection Of Sample

It is advisable that the blood sample should be kept will care and gently, as to get into contamination can be at higher risk.

It should be kept with care while packaging should be of proper size.

Most of the sample is kept with a clean paper bag sealed in it, it can be done through security tape.

On the other case, clean zipper bags are also being used. It makes it a necessity to carry the evidence/blood sample with care.

It makes out the actual condition to come out and the potential person should be caught. The blood sample should also be kept in Salvage drums.

Later when it comes to packaging then they should be labelled properly.

Whenever there is any incident, it can be like those of murder or accident then the main role is of evidence that is left behind.

They help the crime scene to be investigated and allow the officers to get through the result and solve the case.

This allows the respective people to go through the case firmly.

Here the main role that the entire case focus upon is with the evidence.

With its first choice, it is a blood sample that allow the doctors to get through the step by step to know the concerned person behind it.

Here all you need to take care that is sent to the lab with all care and gently.

If anything goes wrong in this, it can make you lose the case or it can be left unsolved.

No one wants to make it done, as it is the important aspects. So better it should be packed in a container for which it is meant to be.

There are different packages and plastic tape through which the sample can seal.

So it is better to take care of all steps so that it can be sent safely to the lab for testing and analysing.

And this is the reason, why blood sample is considered as the major concern.

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