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Who is Zizo Apleni and what is her story in My Father Took Away My Innocence? There are many stories that we read, but we do not know what is hidden behind them.

They are at times the real stories that we read and also to some extent of different aspects. My Father Took Away My Innocence

Like those of fictions, you do not get to know the inner depth of what people must have faced. Zizo Apleni has been able to put forth her story based on real-life incidence.

My father took away my innocence in one of the stories that are based on her real life. not many of them managed to present their life in front of the world.

To them who all should be encouraged and give them the support that they need. To this, you must have come across many of those.

It needs a heart, power and strength to go viral towards what has happened with you.

Also, it can be the case where you can be made low towards what you have been through, you can be asked many questions.

But besides all this, you have to make sure that you come up strongly. My Father Took Away My Innocence Free PDF Download & Read Online

Do not think that you are alone, you have to be your own supporter and hence this could make your way to get justice.

What Is The Story Of My Father Took Away My Innocence

My Father Took Away My Innocence is one of the real-life stories of Zizo Apleni. When you are looking to know what has happened with her, then you could get it over the web.

To this, she has been able to come up with her book where she has explained every single day.

To what she has gone and what all she has been to has been described.

When something wrong is happening with you or has happened you take time to come out with it.

It takes all your life to get through the thoughts and the particular time. Although Zizo Apleni has stated or we can describe what has happened.

She mentioned she was raped by her father, now this can be quite disgusting to hear, but there are many cases that can be resembled.

She says I was raped by my father for over 7 years, later she became pregnant and this is how she got to know.

I have written a book explaining how rapes happen and how it affects the integrity of people all around.

The book will work for those women, girls who all are part of rapes and become the victim.

The book will be able to heal a lot many people, she also tells us that she is a self-publishing author and cannot afford much amount for publishing and printing.

She explains her incident and hence how she has been a manageable person after being raped by her father.

This sound to be a shameful act as how can a father rape her children, but this happens to most of the part of the world.

How To Read My Father Took Away My Innocence

Although she does not have much amount to get her book to publish therein she in her short story asks for a donation.

You can explore her story over the web as she has mentioned a small part of her life. towards managing things she has been a quite wonderful person to present her story.

To know or to help her you can donate a small amount of money that can help her to get the book to publish.

You can read her story online as well, to this she has started a small description where you can get to know what has happened with her.

Also, what made her strong and make her powerful to present a story in front of the public.

This could be a long terms effect on women if could not be spoken about.

When you will go towards her story you will get to know how rape is happening all around and why women are not being able to make them safe.

No one knows to what intent people are approaching you and hence this can make you into trouble.

My Father Took Away My Innocence is one of those story portraying the life of Zizo Apleni.

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