North Korea leader Kim invited Trump to Pyongyang in letter

North Korea leader Kim invited Trump to Pyongyang in letter

The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has invited US President Donald Trump for a visit to Pyongyang through a letter he sent in August. This comes in the wake of denuclearisation talks which were stalled due to diplomatic conflict.

In this letter sent in the third week of August, Un is said to have spoken of his willingness to have a third summit and invited Trump to come to the North Korean capital. On the 9th of August, Trump said that he had received a beautiful letter from the dictator, the two leaders have met three times since June 2018 to discuss the crisis surrounding North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs, but no progress seems to have taken place.

In the first two formal summits, as well as the third one in Vietnam, discussions broke down after a gap between the US demands for nuclear deweaponization of Korea, and North Korean demands to be released from sanctions could not be filled.

A third meeting took place on the 30th of June, in the Demilitarized Zone between the North and South, and restarted working-level discussions. North Korea, since this, has tested several short-range projectiles. The director-general for the US in North Korea hoped for a good meeting with working-level US officials could take place within the coming weeks. Whether or not the meeting would lead to constructive discussions was left up to the US and its flexibility.

The official statement made by the official news agency of North Korea stated that a discussion on the denuclearisation will only happen when the threats and hurdles that are endangering the system security are removed completely. The vice-Foreign Minister of North Korea, Choe Son Hui has said that comprehensive discussions are set to happen late in September. Trump also answered in affirmative when asked if he would want to meet Kim this year.

The South Korean foreign minister, Kang Kyung-wha, said that the letter did exist with explanation. He said that it could be too much to expect to see Trump and Kim coming together before a working-level talk is established. The leaders did not reach an agreement in Hanoi despite them. If the summit is to be a success, working-level talks should begin the primary discussion as soon as possible according to Kang.


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