Oral Communication Grade 11 Learners Module PDF Download

Oral Communication Grade 11 Learners Module PDF Download

Oral Communication Grade 11 Learners Module PDF Download

Oral Communication Grade 11 Learners Module PDF Download – Education holds important and it is one of the essential aspects of one’s life. students hold their interest and hence proceed in the same.

There are many prospects and communication that can be taken into consideration and one of those is oral communication.

It is also presented that oral communication is one of the processes that involve the message, the sender, the receiver, and the channel.

It also helps in improving the use of nonverbal cues that involved the facial expressions, gestures of an individual, the volume tone, and pitch.

Although there are many concepts that have been introduced and the major concept is about oral communication is one of those.

Three Elements Of Oral Communication

The three channels that are known as Sender, receiver, and message

These three have been one of the important aspects of oral communications.

As we all know that how important oral communication is and hence should be taken into consideration. It presents one’s personality and to make the enhancement is one of the basic parts.

Oral communication in secondary school is one of the concepts among students that need to be taken into consideration.

It highlights the students on how they can make their aspects to look good, the behavior as this forms the essential part.

The projection of one’s behavior is what needs to be taken care of.


It is verbal communication that makes use of verbal words to convey information to others. The process can be a one or two-way process.

When two persons are communication then it is one of the flows of information between the sender and receiver.

The most important aspects of verbal communication are sound, words and the language used.

It allows making individual perfect to be in terms of language and also in the development of the country.

It helps to make the flow of communication easier.

When you are talking to anyone no matter it is children’s, adults, or any individuals then there is a need that the language needs to be taken care of.

Communication forms the one and the basic part of one’s life. So it should be maintained from the very beginning.

Purpose Of Oral Communication

The main purpose behind oral communication to make the audience in a more organized manner and it requires certain techniques that are discussed over.

Examples That Can Be Seen Of Oral Communication Are

The presentation can be either in office, schools, and another department. It presents how one is putting himself in front of the audience sitting in front.

Phone calls, as we are unable to see each other overcall, so there is a necessity to maintain the oral communication between the sender and receiver.

Staff and other business meetings that surround many people.

The above-mentioned aspects are one of the important parts and hence everyone needs to be taken care of, it is one of those that have been the must-have point to be taught to people so that there can be better communication between people.

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