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Why I killed Gandhi PDF Free Download In Hindi – Nathuram Godse

Why I killed Gandhi PDF Free Download In Hindi  – Reading is what makes you get to indulge in the activities that have been done over past years, the future stories, and what the writer has gone through.

As there are many books that can be taken into consideration to read on, there are categories as well.

The main category includes romance, action, and thrill but apart from that, there are also some that are based on stories of the real hero of our country that had made a huge contribution towards making our lives.

One book that has been written by Nathuram Godse in which he has mentioned about how and why he has gone the step to kill Gandhiji. Why I killed Gandhi PDF Free Download In Hindi

This was on January 30th, 1948. The whole scenario took between 27 May 1948 and on 10th February 1949 and therein he was sentenced to death.

It was then an appeal to the Punjab high court made, the last statement was made by Godse before 5 May 1949.

Why I Killed Gandhi – The Story That Not Everybody Knows

Nathuram Godse was born into a brahmin family and he has certain rules of lives and patterns to live, therein he tells that he got to know the Hindu religions, culture, and history.

He was very proud of being knowing Hinduism. As there are many people that were not aware to know of the fact and the religions of Hindu.

So I intentionally joined RSS which was the wings of the anti-caste movement and there should be equal rights of social, religions and there should be considered that can be taken on merits and not by the birth in particular caste or professions.

I also used to take part in various anti-caste dinners where there are Hindus, Brahmins, Vaisyas, and other religions participated.

I read the cultural part and gained away more knowledge of the Hindu Culture. But in close to that I read Gandhi Ji and Veer Sarvakar has written was a close bit.

I was going through all the facts and figures about how and what the Hindus act has been taken forward.

It was then when Gandhi Ji shot in 1948 and killed by the Hindu militant. This was when India got her independence and also it lost some of her territories to the new state of Pakistan.

Nathuram Godse Killed Gandhi Ji

It was the person named Nathuram Godse who shot Gandhiji in the chest three times in New Delhi, he later was hanged for his state on 15 November 1949.

There were several reasons that have made him take this act and that includes that there were certain suffering that individuals were gone through and could have been avoided and also the Indian government acted to stop killing the Hindus and Sikhs.

Why I killed Gandhi is one of those books that include all the parts and the scenes that have been described by Nathuram Godse and what has made him so compelling to take such a step.

All things have been made clear and on how he reached that state of killing Gandhiji.

You could shop this book through online channels or also you can download it from the site where it has an availability of pdf download.

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