Overseas Citizenship Of India- Not To Be Termed As Dual Citizenship

Overseas Citizenship Of India

Overseas Citizenship Of India

The Government of India has chosen to concede Overseas Citizenship of India, which the vast majority erroneously allude to as “double citizenship”. People of Indian Origin of specific classes who moved from India and obtained citizenship of remote nation, other than Pakistan and Bangladesh, are qualified to be conceded an OCI as long as their nations of origin permit double citizenship in some structure or the other under their nearby laws.

In light of persevering requests for “double citizenship” especially from the Diaspora in North America and other created nations and keeping in see the Government’s profound duty towards satisfying the desires and desires for Overseas Indians, the Overseas Citizenship of India Scheme was presented by correcting the Citizenship Act, 1955 in August 2005. The Scheme was propelled during the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas show 2006 at Hyderabad. The Scheme accommodates enrollment as Overseas Citizen of India of all Persons of Indian Origin who were residents of India on 26th January 1950 or thereafter or were qualified to become residents of India on 26th January 1950 except who is or had been a resident of Pakistan, Bangladesh or such other nation.

The enlisted Overseas Citizens of India will not be qualified for the rights presented on a resident of India under Article 16 of the Constitution as to the correspondence of chance in issues of an open business. An enrolled Overseas Citizen of India is allowed numerous section, multi-reason, deep-rooted visa for visiting India, he/she is excluded from enlistment with Foreign Regional Registration Officer or Foreign Registration Officer for any length of remain in India, and is qualified for general ‘equality with Non-Resident Indians in regard of all offices accessible to them in monetary, budgetary and instructive fields aside from in issues identifying with the procurement of agrarian or estate properties’.

An individual enlisted as an OCI is qualified to apply by the Ministry Of Citizenship under segment 5(1)(g) of the Citizenship Act 1995 if they are enrolled as an OCI for a long time and have been dwelling in India for one of the five years before making the application. In any case, such an individual would need to repudiate their remote citizenship.

As an OCI, individual will get the following advantages:

  • Parity with Non-Resident Indians in the matter of between nation appropriations of Indian kids.
  • Parity with inhabitant Indian nationals in issues of levies in local air passages.
  • Parity with local Indian guests in regard to passage expenses for visiting national parks and natural life havens in India.


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