Reasons Why America Faces a Geriatrician Insufficiency and What to do about it

The United States is facing an insufficiency of geriatricians as the total of older adults in the country outpaces the figure of newly trained professionals in the area, as written by Paula Span.

Role of Geriatricians 

Geriatricians are physicians who focus on the care of older patients. These physicians aid in monitoring and coordinating treatments for the several conditions and disabilities their patients have, assist in managing the prescription they require and help them with decisions about what is good for their comfort and quality of life.

On the whole, the federal model guesstimates 30% of adults who are above the age of 65 need a geriatrician. Nancy Lundeberg, CEO of the American Geriatrics Society, stated older adults who have in any case three chronic conditions or are above age 85 are probable ideal candidates for a geriatrician.

Geriatrics is Not Succeeding to Attract New Physicians

But repeatedly older adults who gain from a geriatrician cannot eagerly find one because of growing scarcity, Span informed.

According to Span, the federal model signifies the United States will require 33,200 geriatricians in 2025 to treat elderly patients. But at present, there are around 7,000 U.S. geriatricians, of whom about 50% practice full time.

As Span informs, the figure of graduate fellowship programs training geriatricians, endorsed by Medicare, has not kept pace with demand as the country’s baby boomers age. For example, a 2018 study showed that, above 16 years closing in the 2017-2018 academic year, the figure for such graduate fellowship programs enhanced from 182 to just 210.

Why Geriatrics isn’t Drawing New Physicians 

This field has not developed drastically over the years because geriatrics do not pull enough residents, Spans clarifies. Above one-third of 384 available slots for graduate fellowships in geriatrics except for geriatric psychiatry went vacant in 2019, according to information from the American Geriatrics Society.

One reason why the field is not attracting residents is that geriatricians are salaried less than other specialists, Span informs. Total reimbursement for geriatricians in 2018 averaged $233,564, according to the Medical Group Management Association. In contrast, according to Span, anesthesiologists were salaried twice as much, and cardiologists and radiologists had income leading $500,000.

What Providers, Pharmacists, and Others can Make to Fill the Care Gaps for Older Patients

As leaders in the field struggle with how to employ more doctors, they’re also looking at approving other policies to fill care gaps for older patients.

For example, Mary Tinetti, chief of geriatrics at the Yale School of Medicine, has invited geriatricians to serve as a “small, best workforce” who coaches health systems and other institutions on how to care for older patients.

The most significant thing geriatricians can do is to ensure all their other colleagues including NPs, physician assistants, therapists, and pharmacists understand the needs of older patients as stated by Lundebjerg.


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