Siobhan Baillie MP: The British Conservative Party Politician

Personal Details of Siobhan Baillie

Full Name: Siobhan Kathleen Baillie

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Married

Place of Birth: North Yorkshire, England

Left School at the Age of 17

She announced on 1st February 2020 that she is expecting the first child.

Early Life and Career

Engaged as: Legal Secretary

Education: Attended a Law School

Worked Earlier as Councilor, Family Law Solicitor and Worked for Charity Cause.

Year of Qualifying as a Family Law Solicitor: 2010

Charity Work: Worked for OnePlusOne as the Head of Policy and Communications

Siobhan Baillie
Siobhan Baillie

Early Political Career as a Councilor

Worked as: Councilor

Place of Working: London Borough of Camden

Year of Service: 2014-2018

Wards Served: Frognal and Fitzjohns

Early Political Career as an Opposition Member

Service: Served Children, Schools and, Family Scrutiny Committee

Year of Service: 2016-2017 (Civic Year)

Presided Over: For Examining the Mental Health Service Proviso for Youth

Siobhan Baillie
Siobhan Baillie

General Elections 2017 

Contested for: Bermondsey and Old Southwark Seats

Ranked: 3rd

First Two Candidates were: Labor and Liberal Democrat Candidates

Secured: 13% of the Votes

Also Contested For Hampstead and Kilburn Constituencies

Result: Was not Chosen

General Elections 2016

Stood For: Barnet and Camden London Assembly Seat

Result: Was not selected

Present Political Career

Chosen as: Conservative Party Candidate

Constituency: Stroud

Date of Selection: 31st July 2018

Earlier Supported: UK EU Membership Referendum (2016) – the UK with European Union

But Later Supported: Brexit during the Election Campaign

General Elections 2019

First woman elected as MP for Stroud Constituency.

Elected as: Member of Parliament

Constituency: Stroud

Votes Secured: 3.840 that is 5.8% of the Votes

Took Up the Office: 12 December 2019

Official Website:

Seat Earlier Chaired by David Crew of the Labor and Cooperative Party ever since 2017 General Elections

Siobhan Baillie
Siobhan Baillie

Siobhan Baillie Invited Prime Minister – Boris Johnson to Pay a Visit to the Slimbridge Flamingos

Siobhan Baillie requested the PM to visit Slimbridge’s ‘well-known magnificence of flamingos’. She got the opportunity as the Stroud MP to question the PM at the PM’s questions conference.

The Stroud MP stated that on the occasion of World Wetlands Day she has a wonderful WWT Slimbridge headquarters in her constituency. She inquired that will PM visit the famed Slimbridge’s Flamingos and what he has to say on the environment bill for wetlands and wildlife.

In response to her questions, the PM stated that he is wishing to see his honorable friend’s renowned glitzy flamingos at the very first chance. He also said that the environment plan identifies biodiversity frameworks on a legal grip and whether the flamingos are included or not, he does not know.

The PM comes to the House of Commons for ‘prime minister’s questions’ every Wednesday afternoon each week. The opportunity of asking a question to the PM is greatly valued. The names of the MPs are drawn out in a weekly lottery.


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