Theory That Says That The Physiological Reaction Is Independent From And Does Not Affect The Emotion


Theory That Says That The Physiological Reaction Is Independent Of And Does Not Affect The Emotion Many theories have come up that describes the nature of an individual, do you know what all they are, and how do they explain us to be in that?

You are here to know one of the theories that relate to emotions and is known to be of James-Lange theory of emotion.

Theory That Says That The Physiological Reaction Is Independent Of And Does Not Affect The Emotion is one that is connected to the James-Lange theory of emotion.

Here the theory will explain what is emotions, causes, and what factors do emotions to be controlled.

There are thousands of questions that have emerged in society and around the world, to explain that there are different theories as well.

Willian James is an American philosopher and psychologist, was born on January 11, 1842. He is also known to be the thinker of the nineteenth century.

When there were surveys then it was seen that James to withstand among 2 places.

He was born in a wealthy family and therein he had learned many things from his parents.

James-Lange Theory Of Emotion

Theory That Says That The Physiological Reaction Is Independent Of And Does Not Affect The Emotion In this theory, he has explained that emotions occur as a result of physiological reactions. There are many of them who could relate to this theory.

How the emotions that come out take place? It could result in a form of stimuli that leads to a physiological response.

Many examples have been put up to explain the exact condition. Now if you could explore his theory then one will get to know many of them.

James and lang have researched many of those incidents that could make up to give a clear statement over their theory.

They have gone through emotions, fear, and anger that could make them understand the actual condition and portray it in their research.

There is evidence put for that it might be the case that people facing the situation of ill in front of the population, so that could be the response of emotions.

There is an emotional state that becomes attached to people.

Apart from the positive side, there are few of the criticism that is known to be involved.

There has been a statement put by both James and Lange that physiological response is necessary for emotions.

When we are talking about criticism then there is one that needs to be involved in stimulation.

There are many types of research and statement that has been put up and that could support their theory.

There were many types of research that made their support and finding a way that could prove the relevance of their statement.

Classic Study Published In 1999

Theory That Says That The Physiological Reaction Is Independent Of And Does Not Affect The Emotion There was one of the classic studies that came into existence proposed by James and Lang that has initially provided a way of support to their proposed theory.

There in people were asked to make different types of facial expressions and later could find out the way for slight changes.

There has also been seen as a change in heart, skin, and facial changes.

Theory That Says That The Physiological Reaction Is Independent Of And Does Not Affect The Emotion is one of those concepts of James and Lang.

One could be able to explore various reactions that have made up and see what all changes been made.

They initially had to do a lot to prove their concept and later come up with many of those who supported their concept.

When we come up with anything that there should be a relevant statements to prove that, why it is needed so? To make sure that it holds some relevancy.

It takes years to prove something or to put a statement when you are putting any theory so that it could be upfront over the world.

James has always been known for his functionalism in psychology, he was the founder of the American Society for psychical research.

He has been known to be in many writing that includes epistemology, education, metaphysics, psychology, religion, and mysticism.

His one of his influential book is The Principle Of Psychology. He has written a good combination of Psychology and regarded as the founder of experimental psychology.

So to know the part of emotions, there is a theory of James and Lang and could tell how the emotions took place.

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