Trump doesn’t deny asking world leader about Biden

Trump doesn't deny asking world leader about Biden

On Friday, Donald Trump, the President of the United State did not deny that he had discussed Joe Biden, former vice president, with the leader of a foreign country – a conversation which has landed him in the midst of a whistle-blower complaint. He did instead claim that the allegations have been lodged by a partisan intelligence officer with the knowledge that he did not know the identity of the culprit. He asserted that these exchanges with other heads of state were always appropriate.

In the White House, he told reporters that what he discussed was not of consequence. What was, though, was the statement Joe Biden made regarding Ukraine. These remarks have ended up widening the rift between the Democrats Congress members and the President, which is causing the Democrats to demand access to the complaint. Joseph Maguire, the Director of National Intelligence, has refused to grant this access.

Chairman of the House Intelligence, Adam Schiff of California has decided to pursue legal action against the Trump administration to get a copy of the complaint since his classified briefing with the inspector general, Michael Atkinson.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, also of California, weighed in on the issue, stating that Trump and Maguire are stonewalling and warned that if the president is guilty of the allegations, then he may face serious consequences for the administration by right of the democracy.

In his latest comments, Trump has increased the speculation that this conversation may have contained a detailed rundown of the complaint regarding his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Speaking to reporters, Trump denied knowing whether the call even caused for the complaint or not. President Trump appears to have made a promise to the Ukrainian leader. Three House committees have launched investigations into Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani’s dealings with the state of Ukraine in order to boost Trump’s re-election chances. The move included asking the Ukrainian officials to investigate into Biden’s records.

On Friday, Joe Biden rejected the accusations of wrongful actions with little explanation. He said that these mere assertions are not credible at all, and refused to comment on it. He left the media with the message that the President should begin to act like one.

Previously, Trump had denied making any inappropriate comments to foreign leaders about Joe Biden in a tweet, calling it fake news. He said that it is strange that there were no witnesses to the conversation who could have heard him talk, and yet some media houses print that the details are from a credible source

He concluded by saying that the reason that they could not report anything specific about the conversation was because it was ‘pitch perfect’ in his eyes.


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