Voynich Manuscript PDF Download – Codex Hand-Written

Voynich Manuscript PDF Download – Ancient times have a lot many things to be noticed, it is known to be culture, heritage, and lo many things that can be decoded if one comes up with it.

It is for sure that there would not be many people who have an idea of Voynich Manuscript. Let start with its story and how the book has been decoded. Voynich Manuscript PDF Download

It was of the 15th century that is known about the Voynich Manuscript. It is one of the full handwritten and in an unknown language. It is not been understood by many people.

The book has been defined with many pictures that have been with aliened pictures, different zodiac symbols, some of the pictures of naked women.

This can be something interesting to know and read all the facts.

Who Has Cracked The Code?

The book holds a lot many factors that have been involved, it is one that the book has to be in coded form and needs to be decoded.

One of the researches and television writer Nicholas Gibbs has been seen to crack the code of the book and has been described as the women’s health, and there are many factors that need to be taken.

What it is all about? Nicholas has been decoded to let us know.

He mentioned that he has been commissioned and was asked to analyze the code so that he can tell what exactly the book is all about.

The book has been digitally encoded. He has been dealt with a medical guide so that all the things can be explored.

After looking at the code, he said that it was a form of some sort of Latin abbreviations.

The words and the text mentioned have been retained from the Latin and this is what has been mentioned in the Voynich Manuscript PDF.

A Medical Textbook

Gibbs after huge research went to the decoding part and was able to make sure that it was a medical textbook.

The pictures of plants that were mentioned are herbal and the images of women bathing naked. It has been merely found to be the decade history and the images mentioned.

Gibbs also mentioned that the book is one of the customized books and created for one person and has been written to devote medical women.

There were many researchers that have been involved for years to decode the book and it was hard to make so.

After years of studying and researched Gibbs eventually made that happen. It has been studied by many researchers and British Americans that include world war 1 and 2.

There is a mystery that has been popular and holds excitement among readers. As it was previously not decoded because there was no source of understanding.

It was in 1969 that the book was devoted by  Hans.P Kraus to Yale University.

There were many imaginations and readers were into a dilemma that what this book is all about, so there has been always curiosity made.

Since now it has been decoded so readers can have the pdf format and go through what all has been into decades.


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