www.kzneducation.gov.za Online Application: Download KZN Forms like Duplicate Matric Certificate and Many More

The KZN Education stands for the Kwazulu-Natal Department of Education in South Africa. KZN education has its official website that is www.kzneducation.govv.za. This official website has been designed and developed to assist the students, parents, and staff members to get access to the latest updates of the school.

Through the KZN Education website, the students will obtain important information such as the school calendar, the curriculum, media alerts, links to the previous grade 12 exam papers for revision goals, contact information, etc.

In case any student has lost her Matric Certificate, then the KZN student can get details concerning it from the website too. The students can easily get in touch with their teachers and mentors too. It does not matter whether a student is a new learner or a senior one, the students will get all support and guidance online.

The learner student will gain access to study guides and other learning materials. If any parents require a school for their child, then KZN Education is always ready to serve them. In case, any teacher is looking for an employment opportunity or any researcher is searching for education plans, then the KZN Department of education ensures complete support.

The KZN Educational institute takes great care to ensure that all students, teachers, and parents can easily access the details available on the website. If anyone does not find relevant information, he/she can send an email to Roshan.Rambarran@ kzndoe.gov.za and the KZN department will offer full assistance.

The vision of the KZN Education is to develop a well educated, proficient and highly developed citizen. Its mission is to provide impartial access to value education for the people of Kwazulu-Natal.

Online Application Via www.kzneducation.govv.za

For online application in KZN Education, one has to visit its official website. On the left-hand side of the website, there is a publications/documents section. Tap on this section where you will get the ‘Forms’ option. After Clicking on the ‘Forms’ option, you have to visit the ‘Application Forms’ segment.

In the Application forms options, there are numerous forms are available for the students and teachers and researchers. The person has to download the required form to fill it for submission.

For example, application for duplicate matric certificate, you are required to fill the form in this manner. You have to attach a copy of the ID document and all previous results with the application form.

An attached copy of the original Subject certificate/ results will help in the process.

The approved fee for a replicate of the certificate should be paid via a cash deposit or an electronic transfer payment into the subsequent account: BANK ABSA; BRANCH 630525; ACCOUNT 4072483555; REFERENCE 05024033.

The approved fee is R97 for a certificate and R40 for confirmation letter available upon submitting the above.

This process will take 3 to 6 months. You have to specify the nearest District office to which you will collect your certificate. When the duplicate certificate is arranged for collection, you shall receive a message.

You can make the application at your nearest District office. The new fees are R107 and R45.


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