Xrated Viral Corona Prank: Russian Man Facing Up to 5 Years in Prison for Staging the ’Coronavirus’ Prank

Xrated Viral Corona Prank – The world continues to suffer owing to the Covid-19 occurrence. The Coronavirus ailment has been declared a pandemic by the WHO. A large number of people have lost their lives because of Covid-19. Still, many people who are sick with this virus are for treatment in hospitals. Special isolation wards have been set-up by different nations for treating people.

But recently an incident happened in the Moscow city where a Russian man who is a blogger by profession staged a Coronavirus Prank. He was traveling in the Moscow metro where he faked by fainting from Coronavirus.

Due to this prank, he is facing up to 5 years in prison. The online video of this prank was initially shared in the last week. In the prank video, it can be seen that a young man walks into the Moscow subway train.

While inside the metro, he pretended by falling on the metro floor. He started trembling and waving his arms and legs. Once he falls on the metro floor, several men came to help him but just ran off. Those men shouted “coronavirus”.

Because of this prank, many passengers started leaving the metro when the next station arrived. This prank video was shared online on YouTube and Instagram. This footage was shared by a user named kara.prank. The video has been removed since then.

This prank video was examined by the Moscow police who stated that the men who staged this ‘coronavirus’ prank are alleged of hooliganism. For that reason, they have been sentenced to a maximum of five years of jail in prison.

According to Russian TV network RT, the blogger named Karomat Dzhaborov after learning of the charges turned him in. The lawyer of Dzhaborov stated that his client did this prank with no intention of creating panic in the public.

The lawyer said that the main attention of his client was to attract the attention of the public towards the shortage of face masks, toward the coronavirus issue and the need for people to guard themselves with masks.

Moscow police have also detained 2 suspected collaborators of Dzhaborov. Both of them have been put under travel restrictions. There are two positive cases of a novel coronavirus in Russia. Both patients were from Siberia and both have been recovered. Russia shares a 4,300-kilometer border with China and has imposed heavy travel restrictions on its neighbor.


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