Ludo has regained popularity as a board game among people of all ages during the pandemic. It has continued its legacy of being the most sought board game for decades. It is a game of strategy, luck, and anticipation, making it challenging and entertaining.

Its objective is to move all your tokens from the starting point to the home area before your opponents. While luck plays a significant role in Ludo, there are rules you need to follow and design a strategy. The one who successfully deposits all four of his tokens in the home section wins. You can use tricks to improve your game by using these rules.

All you have to do is to download Ludo app and create an account. Understand the rules of the app and learn the techniques of playing this board game. It is easier to grasp the basic concept. Focus on making your winning strategy and learn to make moves by calculating the risks involved. Here is a list of tricks you can apply to refine your Ludo strategy.

List of expert tricks for Ludo

  1. Focus on a single token

One effective strategy in Ludo is to focus on moving a single token at a time. Doing so can maximize your chances of reaching the home area quickly. Choose one and prioritize its movement instead of dividing your attention among all your tokens. This trick lets you strategize better, plan your moves, and make calculated decisions based on the game’s current state. You will have more than one token outside the box. Calculate the risks, distribute the outcomes of rolling a die, and move your tokens accordingly. Take your chances and analyze the locations of your opponents’ tokens to make a better move.

  1. Blocking and cutting off opponents

Blocking and cutting off opponents’ tokens is an essential tactic in Ludo. When you have the opportunity, position your tokens strategically to stop your opponents’ progress. You can delay their advancement and gain a significant advantage by blocking their path or cutting off their tokens. This tactic can disrupt opponents’ strategies and give you more opportunities to move your tokens forward. You can also chase opponents’ tokens safely, considering no other tokens are catching up on you.

  1. Maintain a balanced approach

This board game is all about balancing the act of moving your tokens to new locations by using the outcomes of rolled dice. You are not alone on the board coursing towards the home section. Every move of yours and the opponents need to be measured to change your approach. While focusing on a single token is crucial, it’s also essential to maintain a balanced approach in Ludo. Distribute your attention and move across your tokens to ensure they are not left behind. This strategy helps you reduce the risk of getting stuck or losing a turn. By maintaining a balanced approach, you increase your tokens’ overall mobility and create more movement options. Check where your tokens are on the board. Consider checking the tokens of the opponents. Find a way to balance your rolls and make the right move.

  1. Take advantage of safe zones

Ludo boards typically have safe zones where opponents cannot capture your tokens. Utilizing these safe zones strategically can be a game-changer. Position your tokens in these areas to minimize the risk of being captured. There are safe zones on the track positioned properly so that all the players can take advantage. This strategy provides a sense of security while allowing you to focus on other aspects of the game, such as blocking opponents or moving your other tokens forward. This trick enables you to safe-zone your tokens and restrict the opponents’ movement. It means you will get time to think of other moves. You can also wait for the opponents to approach and cross your tokens.

  1. Utilize the Power of Sixes

In Ludo, rolling a six gives you an extra turn. This is a powerful advantage you should aim to use ideally. Whenever you roll a six, focus on utilizing that additional turn to move your tokens on the board. This trick can help you cover more ground and increase the chances of reaching the home area before your opponents. However, be cautious to avoid becoming overly reliant on rolling sixes, as luck can quickly change in the game. Remember, all the moves are important. Rolling a six will give you more advantage, but it will not happen frequently. Hence, your aim should be to remember the rolling outcomes you need in mind for all the tokens on the board. Be flexible to transform your strategies based on the outcomes. It is a dynamic board game that demands problem-solving and logical reasoning. Any random move can ruin your plan and deliver the advantage straight to the opponents. Hence, use the sixes aptly and make a significant move.

Get Better In Ludo!

Ludo is a game that combines strategy and luck, and employing the right tricks and tactics can significantly enhance your chances of winning. Focusing on a single token, blocking opponents, maintaining a balanced approach, utilizing safe zones, and making the most of sixes to gain advantage over the opponents. Remember, Ludo is a game that requires a mix of skill and chance, so it’s crucial to remain adaptable and adjust your strategy based on the game’s evolving dynamics. With practice and these tricks in mind, you can increase your odds of emerging victorious in Ludo matches.



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