Adam Schiff: ‘We Can Darn Well Be Sure’ Trump Will Commit ‘More Egregious Acts’ Soon

Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, has claimed on Sunday morning that if the House Democrats do not move forward with the impeachment of Donald Trump, he is sure that the President of the United States will commit more ‘egregious’ acts. In conversation with the press, he updated the public on the situation with regard to the impeachment proceedings.

When he was asked of the political aspect of impeachment in states such as Wisconsin, where support is dwindling, he said that even if it costs the support from the Democrats, the ones sitting in the House of Representatives need to understand that it will only lead to the strengthening of Donald Trump’s motives. The public support, according to Schiff, has grown dramatically in the last two months. Whether or not it plateaus, or continues to increase or decrease, this is not the right question to be asking.

He argued that going forth and having impeachment inquiries should not be a political statement at all. It should be the constitutional duty of every person to contain President Trump’s rampage.

He said that if there is no deterrent, and even if it does not mean that Republicans support the constitution in the manner they should, the president will definitely create more issues and egregious acts in the near future.



Joseph Johnson

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