Christopher And Channon Crime Scene Photos


Christopher And Channon Crime Scene Photos – Many dead scenes and accidents happens, what is the case associated with Christopher and Channon crime scene

What has happened with Christopher and Channon?

With so many reasons can cases around you can be in touch with many of those.

Cases can happen all around the world and one of them is Christopher and Channon crime scene.

Christopher was 23 years old and Channon 21, they both were from Knoxville, Tennessee.

The missing report was filed and the case is to investigate. Christopher And Channon Crime Scene Photos

It was the year 2007, on January 6 where they went off missing. Their vehicle went broke down and there in the situation started off.

Both the couple was taken to the rental house and they were raped, toured and brutally assorted.

When the research and investigation made the people who came into light includes the four male and one female.

They were Letalvis Darnell Cobbins, Lemaricus Devall Davidson, George Geovonni Thomas, and Vanessa Lynn Coleman.

They were charged for the kidnap, rapped and torturing the couples.

The five people have different convictions and also they made a severe attempt.

What Happened With The Murders

Christopher And Channon Crime Scene Photos –  The people who were found guilty were some of the other cases was punished, given life imprisonment.

They could not be left open as they had made such an attempt that took the life of the people.

They were innocent, what have they done to them? It was nothing.

Some people often lose their life of not being in touch with any of the case, and so as happened with Christopher And Channon.

The murders were in harsh condition and they were not allowed to be in any of the situations where they can live free.

How can they do with the people who have nothing to do with them?

Sometimes people get in touch with an incident where they had to leave their life and that is what happened with Christopher And Channon.

There were a lot many controversies made as it was due to the news and media coverage.

Some even though the crime scene was ignored and hence they were not to be an injustice.

There were certain attempts and they were honoured every single day.

They had lost their life. they also had their memorial and scholarship named after them.

This is the way where they could remember.

About Christopher And Channon

Christopher And Channon Crime Scene Photos –  Christopher And Channon has moved from Louisiana to Tennessee along with their family and in 1997.

They were graduated and hence was in higher education.

They both had their plan to study and to be in the profession they like to be.

The day when everything stopped. It was January 6, 2007, when they both decide to go for dinner.

They had not in their mind they could not be able to return back and meet their loved ones.

Immediately after-party they were returning to their place and in middle stuck with people.

They both were assaulted and took to the condition where they could not survive.

Later when both were missing and did not manage to reach home and there in the investigation came up.

Investigation Started To Know What Happened

Christopher And Channon Crime Scene Photos –  Friends and family member tried calling them and they were not able to find them, it was then for sure both are missing.

What might have happened to them, was the only question running.

At 11:00 two of their friends reached the place from where Christopher And Channon were kidnapped.

Later when officers reached to many evident, people who could help to solve the case.

It was after month and years the criminals were in from of the officers.

On January 11, Thomas, Cobbins, and Coleman in Lebanon, Kentucky were arrested.

Officers searched the home and place where they reside, they were in touch with every single information related to the murder.

They ceased their systems form where they were getting information.

The murders then detailed the entire case on how they made such an attempt and when it was them they took off the mystery.

They were punished for their crime.

It was a sudden situation where Thomas, Cobbins, and Coleman in Lebanon, Kentucky made mistake.

But that mistake was not forgettable.

It has taken a life of two people and they had to be punished.

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