Delphi Murders Leaked Texts – Story Behind The Case

Delphi Murders Leaked Texts

Delphi Murders Leaked Texts

Delphi Murders Leaked Texts – What was Delphi Murders Leaked Texts? Has anyone made an attempt to see that? There are many such associated questions that can be running through one’s mind.

With millions of population around the world there are a lot many people who die and take birth every day.

Now there are many stories associated with them as well. So what could take them along and what must have happened with the people.

There are millions of questions that can be made along. Here the story and the leaked pictures of Delphi are what can be made through it.

What Is The Story Lies Behind Delphi

Delphi Murders Leaked Texts – It was at that time when two children’s named as a 13 year old Abby and another 14 years old Libby who went to Monon High Bridge that was in Delphi.

While they were walking through and it was at that time when their school was off, they were busy with their Instagram and reels and later they could not be able to see again.

Why and what could have been happened to them.

There were a lot many investigations made when they both did not returned to their homes, their parents seem to be quite disturbed and also they were eagerly looking for them

Soon after for about two hours when police investigated there in they found the body of two far away from the bridge.

Now, this is what seems to be scary.

It was in three years when there were the murders of the girls took place and near the same area.

When there were research and other investigation done, a team could be able to thought of the signs that will help them to find the murders.

Who Were The Murders? A Big Question

Delphi Murders Leaked Texts – Yes, it was the big question that who all were behind the murders that was making a huge sound for years.

Delphi is known to be a small town with 3000 residents and there were people communicating with each other, so did murders know the facts and how can they reach them and for what reasons?

Coincidently Libby took the video that could be able to shoot the scene of who is the murders.

The voice can be heard saying  “Guys down the hill” a short voice and the investigator could get some clue to find the concerned person.

There has been a lot of curiosity about what is the voice message that has been recorded and take investigators to them.

A  lot of people scrolled over social media and also what has been the exact message, so there is one such step that will take us to the murders.

The story took a turn when there was a man named David claimed that he knows the voice behind the recording and the person.

Well was that true?

David said he found two bodies. He saw the images and story and he said he has found out the difference.

It was not Libby. At the time of death and even before he said that the two bodies were not sexually assorted.

It was reported that the actual reason for the death could not be opened and it was only this information that both the girl dies because of stabbing.

There are not many reasons revealed because there could be the times that it may develop a negative impact on others.

Other Prior Information About Murder

When the two bodies were found it was seen that there has been no arrest and further investigation and how it could have happened, when there is no suspect found out.

There was a sketch that was released in April 2019 and no other information that could be related to the person who was associated with the murders.

Delphi was a small town where there were not many people and hence why people could take each other lives, there is a point to think upon.

What could allow them to take the two lives and upon the bridge (since many of the incidents that happened were near the same bridge)

There was a mystery that could not be able to solve upon as there was no claim that could take the investigators ahead.

So in that case the investigations had to stop with no clues.


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  1. This article reads like it was written in a different language and then put in Google translator. And they did not find the girls after only 2 hours. They found them around noon the next day on February 14.

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