John List Crime Scene Photos – American Mass Murderer

John List Crime Scene Photos

John List Crime Scene Photos

John List Crime Scene Photos – Who has gone through the  John List Crime Scene Photos, what you know about him?

If you have not been through the facts therein you see what and how happened.

Many people tend to lose their patience and they tend to follow the path they are not in a need of.

Who is John List? He was born in the year September 17, 1925, and was known as the American Mass murder.

It was on November 9, 1971, he killed his wife, his three children’s and his mother

He lived in Westfield, New Jersey and after killing his entire family he disappears.

He planned murder in such a manner that no one had an idea that people did not make out what and how things happened.

He went underground after killing his own family, now what was the reason to do so. Why did he kill his family?

Was the condition frustrating or he wanted to run away from them?

We could only make out things when we approached the list. Was that possible to do so?

It made happen when he caught and remarried.

He took a new identity and was finally apprehended in Virginia on June 1, 1989.

Soon after his story was viral and was into the hands of the law.

He was sentenced to imprisonment. On the other hand, he also gave a critical financial problem.

Also, his family member was straying from their religion, as a rationale for the murders.

His thought was that killing would give him away towards peace in heaven.

Later he died at the age of 82 in 2008.

About John List Crime Scene Photos

John List Crime Scene Photos -He was the only child of German American parents and as the profession of his father, he was also into Lutheran school teacher.

It was in the year 1943, he enlisted in the United States Army, and therein he served as the laboratory technicians at the time of world war II.

He listed himself in the University of Michigan in Ann  Arbor where he earned a bachelor’s degree. In BBA.

List later recall to the active military service.

There were rumors about his case where he finished up his entire family. On November 9 he murdered his entire family.

When his children were in school he shot his wife in the backside of the head and later he shot everyone.

The main point was the back of the head so that they immediately die and there was no chance of their survival.

He placed all the bodies of his family member on the sleeping bag in the ballroom.

He managed to find the place where he will be keeping dead bodies.

After this, he managed to clear all the crime scene so that there is no clue left behind.

But when anything happens like this people often do some mistakes, such as List.

It was time when the murder was not detected or discovered until December 7.

Various Documentaries And Movies On His Life

John List Crime Scene Photos – After that when everything was done, he gave the note to every person like in his children’s school and her mother’s job place that they will not be visiting their respective place.

He put different reasons for not joining their workplace or school.

After many days there was thorough research that was made as everyone knows that list family has gone over some vacation.

But on the other hand, this was not so.

It was after so many days that the FBI discovered that list has shifted to some other place and he has changed his name to make a new identity.

The reason was obvious that he wanted to escape and therein he was hiding things.

Everyone was worried about where his family disappeared and where did he went, but there was no sign.

How come the sign could be made since everyone was dead.

Later after so many investigation and research, he was found guilty, his story was investigated and has been found to have appeared in many movies and documentaries.

He was also found to be the suspect in D.B cooper air piracy.

He was also interviewed by many of those, and he has been into various documentaries.

You can find various John List Crime Scene Photos over the web, also of his family and children’s.

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