Duderobe Net worth: Howie Busch -The Founder of Men’s Apparel Line ‘Duderobe’

Duderobe Net worth – Business visionary Howie Busch from Long Island, New York likes to rest and relax restfully. That is the reason he set-up the men’s attire line DudeRobe.

Dude Robe sells hoodies, sweat pants, and shorts that are fixed with a towel-like material to make an agreeable robe for men that do not appear “dreadful,” as Busch puts it.

An exemplary Dude Robe sells for $74.95, while some Dude Shorts sells for $49.95.

“It would seem that standard shorts or a hoodie, however inside you have this agreeable and drying capacity,” says Busch.

Since the business established with a Kickstarter in May 2017, Busch says it has gotten over $100,000 in deals.

Even though he didn’t land a venture on “Shark Tank,” Busch plans to hit over $500,000 in deals in 2018. While the business does not measure up to Under Armor yet, Busch says he has made an item he trusts in.

DudeRobe is not only a robe. However, there is one of those. It is a whole lineup of towel-lined loungewear from robes and hoodies to shorts and jeans intended for brothers.

Since ordinary robes are unreasonably polite for genuine fellows. No, genuinely: The brands Kickstarter advertisement says, point clear, “Bath Robes are too girly.” Wow.

The entire thought is that you can leave the shower or pool, or sea and promptly toss on certain shorts and a hoodie, no middle person step requires. Does anybody do this?

Is there a person out there so frustrated by towels that he just says, “Screw this, I am getting into garments and afterward sitting in a condition of general moistness for some time” and subsequently does exactly that? In case there is, somebody please assist him out.

Instruct him to utilize a towel or on the other hand dribble dry. In any case, do not get him a DudeRobe. We, as a general public, are superior to that.  

Envision a robe made of premium sweatshirt material and fixed with an overly spongy towel and that is the $75 DudeRobe.

Busch raised more than $67,000 through a Kickstarter which had a $25k objective and now he is pitching DudeRobe on Shark Tank.

Who is this person Busch, a man who needs something retentive to wear after the shower? This business person went to Walmart and purchased a lot of towels and asked his tailor Jose to make him a hoodie and sweatpants?

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