From Where Did Santosh Do Her Graduation – From Jaipur

From Where Did Santosh Do Her Graduation

From Where Did Santosh Do Her Graduation

From Where Did Santosh Do Her Graduation From Jaipur Who is Santosh Yadav? People must have aware of her, but if you do not know about her then here is the information about her.

She is an Indian Mountaineer. If you do not know who was the first woman to climb Mount Everest and the one who has climbed Kangshung Face..

She was able to climb the peak in the year 1992 and again in 1993. She was not along to climb, the Indo Nepalese Team.

When she was onto her mission of 1992 she also saved the life of Mohan Singh one of her team members by giving him support with Oxygen.

Personal Life Santosh Yadav

She was born in Joniyawas village, in Harayan State (Rewari). She was the sixth child of her parents and five of her brothers.

When it comes to her education she has attended Maharani College In Jaipur, there is she saw and learned a lot about how mountaineers can be the ones that can take people to another world.

She was also able to see mountaineers from her room. This was made her join the institute named Nehru Institute of Mountaineering in continuation with her studies in Indian Administration Service.

She was in a hostel and preparing her studies at Connaught Place.

It was in the year 1992 when she scaled Mount Everest and become the youngest woman to climb along with her fellow members.

Her passion for mountains and dedication has shown she within 12 months of a short span of time was able to be a member of Indo Nepalese women’s expeditions and it was a huge contribution when she was able to climb Everts the second time.

Apart from her climbing, she was also preparing for the government job, and therein she managed to do so.

She is an officer in the Indo-Tibetan Border Police.

She is also awarded Padma Shri in 2000 and National Adventure Award in 1994.

She was a very determined girl from her childhood, she was living in an underdeveloped area despite all she was involved in building her career.

In the era when women were not allowed to grow and study well, but she was into the step where she was determined to peruse her career.

She was the only daughter of her family and wanted to get an education way beyond, her village did not allow to get her so what she desires so she wanted to switch from her village and move on.

Her Hobbies Turn Into Her Career

From Where Did Santosh Do Her Graduation – She like other people wanted to peruse her career in what she likes climbing and she wanted to climb.

She made her dream to continue while enrolling into Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering.

There are many people around the world who want to get into mountaineering, but it can only happen when there is a firm and determination to make that happen.

Like Santosh Yadav many other people want to make that happen, so if there is an inspiration that can make that happen.

Her family did not like to continue her studies and even did not manage to pay a fee, there in Santosh manage to do a part-time job and pay her fees.

Continuing your hobby as a part of your career is one of the main tasks that one can be made and made their dream to come true.

Her Life Towards Marriage

From Where Did Santosh Do Her Graduation – When she turned 16 her family member forced her to get married what she did not want to, she said that she did not want to get married.

She wanted to get into studies and left her job, she left home and get into one of the institutes in Delhi.

She with her daredevil and soft-hearted nature she dedicated to her dreams.

Her physical fitness and strength have what made her into mountaineering and all her dedication takes place.

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