Puzzle Apple with Answers: Caterpillar Apple Leaf puzzle Puzzle Apple with Answers Puzzle Apple with Answers – Caterpillar Apple Leaf puzzle is the new energizing math challenge that is trending across social media channels. Individuals are sharing a picture of Caterpillar Apple Leaf Puzzle with families, friends and stimulating them to locate the right answer.

It is an intriguing puzzle and the majority of the users are not successful to answer it accurately. As this puzzle is gaining prominence over social media these days, the answer to this riddle is given to the users.

Leaf worm apple puzzle is the most recent puzzle that is popular nowadays on WhatsApp. Peruse on to know the appropriate response and answer for the riddle to share with your loved ones.

The ‘leaf worm apple puzzle’ is the most recent riddle that has been doing the rounds via web-based networking media. Numerous individuals have been sharing this riddle among their loved ones on WhatsApp. Peruse on to know the response to this riddle and offer it with your loved ones.

The appropriate response with complete answers and clarification is given underneath.

The leaf worm apple puzzle is a type of direct equation puzzle that should be figured out to find the solution. From the outset, the pieces of information appear to be extremely simple. However, there is a significant contort added to it, which makes it intense to find the right solution.

The turn can be seen once the rationale is applied to the exceptionally straightforward pieces of information given. Peruse on to know the twist:

Puzzle Solution

There is a concealed hint in the conundrum and that ends up being a significant warp in ascertaining the appropriate response. Peruse on to know the appropriate response.

In the principal string, the whole of 3 branches is 15

The significant point to be noted is there are 15 leaves altogether for example estimation of 1 leaf = 1.

Total of 3 worms = 9.

(3+ 3 = 9)

Estimation of each worm = 3. (This has been expected as a result of uniform dissemination)

An aggregate of 3 apples is 30

10 + 10 + 10 = 30

The estimation of every apple is 10 as a result of equivalent conveyance.

Since, we have the values each, for apple, worm, and tree leaves, now think about the last equation to discover the appropriate response.

In the final equation, it peruses, Worm x tree leaves – apple.

Note down that there are 6 leaves in the picture. Observing the DMAS rule, we multiply the estimation of the worm and leaves first and afterward subtract the estimation of apple from it to find our solution.

3 x 6 – 10 =?

18 – 10 = 8

If its wrong then please suggest me correct answer in the comment section. it will help to who searching the answer, Thanks.

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10 Replies to “ Puzzle Apple with Answers: Caterpillar Apple Leaf puzzle

  1. This answer is WRONG! THE APPLES DO NOT EQUAL 10! They equal 9! There is a worm in the middle apple! 27 + 3 = 30.
    Also the branch on the bottom one does have an extra leaf, but it also has a worm! 6 + 3 = 9 so it would be 3 * 9 = 27
    The last apple also has a worm which makes it 12.
    So the final equation would be
    3 * 9 = 27
    27 – 12 = 15!

  2. Wrong, if you look at the line with 3 apples you will see one of them is hiding a visitor.

    So each apple is (30-3)/3 = 9

  3. Even you who did it were wrong.
    There are 3 branches of leaves, but each leaf is worth only 1.
    The worm is equivalent to 3, as it is just a sum.
    The apple starts the problem. There are 3 apples, but you have to analyze well because the apple in the middle has a worm in it. So it’s 1 apple + (1 apple + 1 worm) + 1 apple.
    Soon the apple is 9.

    The one account would then be …

    worm (3) x (Leaf (6) + worm (3) – (apple (9) + worm (3)) = 15

    Sou Elton, de Biguaçu, Santa Catarina

  4. Not correct. The middle Apple has a worm, which makes a plain Apple worth 9, and the middle Apple with a worm with 12. The answer is 15

  5. Píšeš absolutní nesmysl, jedno jablko je s červem už na druhým řádku, tj. jablko musí být 9 x 3 = 27 + červ = 30. o znamená poslední řádek je 3 x 6 = 18 – 9 – 3 = 6

  6. 1) Each leave is equal to one.
    So you count the number if leaves on the branch, which in total give us 15.
    2) The worms are each equal to 3 (9/3=3)
    3) This one is interesting. There’s a worm on the middle apple, thus we can see there’s already an addition of 3 to this “equation “.
    So we have to subtract the 3 from the total(30) leaving us with 27.
    Then we divide the 27 by the 3 apples we see, which gives us 9.
    4) ¶ worm=3
    ¶ leaves=6 add worm= 3(if you look
    carefully you’ll see there’s a worm on one
    of the leaves)
    6 + 3 = 9
    ¶ Apple = 9 add worm= 3 (once again
    there’s a worm on the apple)
    9 + 3= 12.

    Therefore :
    3×9 – 12= 15

    But then again one could say there are leaves on the apple. In that case we subtract the value of the leaves (1), the apples will be equal to 8.
    Regardless the final answer will remain the same.

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