GOP Congressman Says ‘OK Boomer’ To Top Trump Advisor’s Marijuana Opposition

One of the President’s closest allies in Congress was seen clapping back against a top White House official who opposed marijuana legalization. He used the ‘OK Boomer’ meme to get the job done.

When asked about Kellyanne Conway’s comments about increasing the potency of marijuana and its potential effect on the brain, Representative Matt Gaetz said, “OK Boomer. That’s a very boomer approach to marijuana.”

Gaetz said that Conway’s words seemed to be dumbfounded by the scientific proof that states which already have marijuana programs in place have a reduced rate of usage of Schedule I drugs. A reduction is also observed in overdoses. Pot poses as a helpful drug for those trying to get over their heroin and opioid addictions in a painless manner.

The GOP Congressman also called out Conway who counsels the president for saying ‘TCH’ instead of ‘THC’ during her comments and said that a lot of support for legalization of marijuana exists in the nation in all demographics except that of the older generation.

He reiterated that this is not a young people issue but a generational one. More and more people in the nation are supporting pot as it gives people a better standard of living and a more natural solution to their addiction problems.

Trump, in his 2016 campaign, constantly said that though his personal opinion was opposed to the legalization of marijuana, he backs the medical cannabis movement, and supports states making their own standards for marijuana legalization and cannabis policy. While Jeff Sessions, his first attorney general opposed the Obama-era guidelines that directed prosecutors to not interfere with local marijuana laws, Trump expressed his support for the congressional legislation which is still pending, which would shield state-compliant marijuana policies from federal interference.

Gaetz is one of only two Republican Party members who voted in favor of descheduling marijuana via the House Committee. He said that while he hoped that his work would have a positive influence on the President, Trump did not stop making commitments in his previous campaign which are yet to be fulfilled.

The Republicans are not the only ones fighting within the party over these laws. Senator Cory Booker called Vice President Joe Biden on his opposition to marijuana legalization during the presidential debate this week. He was quoted saying in opposition, “I thought you might’ve been high when you said it.”



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