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Hooked Boss Novel PDF Free Download – Chandler To Take Revenge With Her Boyfriend

Hooked Boss Novel PDF Free Download – We all must have gone through some of the stories that form the basic part of one’s lives. No matter it can be of romance, actions, some confidential and also suspense.

But only a few of them present that in front of the whole world and they are known to be writers. It is not only about their personal lives but also about some of the stories that have heard or fiction.

Writers hold away more knowledge and when it comes to writing they have been into the world of extreme and deep thinking. Hooked Boss Novel PDF Free Download

Well, it requires a lot of effort and also minds to get into and write something that has to be presented in front of the world.

Novel That Is Over People Mind

With so many novels of different writers, there are at times one gets confused about which one to opt for but if you are already reading any of your favorites then you can continue but do not forget to keep changing as changes are necessary.

Hooked Boss Novel is one of the Chinese novels that holds the character presenting the relationships.

The character named chandler has been cheated on by her boyfriend and he has been drunk in the bar.

It is one of the cases that has been faced by many individuals. The relationship is what has been in many people’s lives.

No matter a married person or a single everyone faces their own problems.

After she has been created by her boyfriend she decides to take revenge and the feeling can be developed inside anyone if they caught their partner cheating.

She decided to take a random man and stay a night with him.

A Strange Man Found By Chandler

The moment she decided to take revenge, she also found one man who was handsome and looking smart.

The next morning she walked away from the room leaving the man behind.

There in the story takes around when the next day she went to her office what she saw is the same man and he was the president of her company.

Wasn’t anyone feels shocked, the moment she decided to stay one-night stand and the same guy came out to portray the character?

The new boss seems to a narrow-minded person and he also asks her to meet him in the office the moment he saw her.

This is something strange and shocking to see him, as this was the embarrassing moment for her to take him as a boss.

She never knew that she will ever meet the same guy with whom she had stayed one night.

All this made a huge curious in her life and she also started feeling regret that why she has taken that step.

It will be interesting to know what exactly happens the moment he called her in the office room and what all conversations they will have.

You need to go to the whole story to know the actual case and for this, you can download the pdf format of the novel or also make use of an online platform to purchase the same.

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