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How To Get Rid Of Widget Smith Name – When you build any site then there are a lot many criteria that need attention, it cannot be left to be in one position, and hence updation is what needs to done on daily basis.

Are you aware of the WordPress Widget? If No then you will be able to get knowledge on the same.

They are known to be the small and independent components that are used by users to apply for any new function on the respective website.

With the help of Widget, one will be able to have control over themes, and even if you do not hold any technical knowledge.

Also if there is no widget present then all you have to prepare them manually.

Once you will create then you will be able to show on the sidebar and make things even simpler.

What Are Widgets And Their Use?

It is considered as one of the coolest features that have been provided to developers. The android devices.

While you think to make use of features you will not only be able to take a snap at their widget one but also you will be able to explore a lot many features.

WordPress themes allow the widgets sidebar, so you should also know that there can be only one or a few sidebars for your website so things need to be work accordingly.

Where Widget Can Be Used?

To make sure that you use it in the best possible area, all you need to explore the things that will help you to guide better.

There is an Appearance and then Widget. Once you will manage to open the page therein you could find the place to locate and that is the right-hand side.

If you are using WordPress then 17th theme you can expect that on the sidebar and the two-footer areas that will accept widgets.

How can it be added require some of the steps like

You need to go the appearance and then to Widget

Then choose a widget from the  widget list that is on the left-hand side

Then you need to add a widget

Make sure that you drag the widget to the right side

Click on the widget to select and where you need to add.

Fill the details and then add.

When there is an option to add Widget then you should also know to remove them

How Widget Can Be Removed?

You need to tap home to remove the widget from the same position and hold the widget you want to remove.

There in you need to make sure that press the widget to make sure it is removed (you will get a notification as well).

Drag the widget towards the screen until you can see a red sign.

Remove Using Settings

All you need to do is launch the setting and then tap the app.

Then type the name of the widget you want to remove and proceed with actions.

You can take any of the methods to remove and be free form the widget so that all the processes can proceed smoothly and with all care.

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