Can You Fail A Drug Test From Second hand Smoke? A Big Question

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Can You Fail A Drug Test From Second-hand Smoke?  Before going into the detailed analysis of the question that has been put forward that includes “Can You Fail A Drug Test From Second-hand Smoke”.

One should know what exactly is second-hand smoke?

The combination of smoke from the burning end of the cigarette and the smoke breathe out by the smokers.

Second smoke tends to contains 7000 chemicals out of which hundreds of toxic and about 70 can cause cancer.

It can cause many health problems and in turn, can make individuals have so many issues developing.

It makes attacks your respiratory,  can cause asthma problems, and also lead to infant death syndrome.

Some of the major problems that can be caused by second-hand smoke are the coronary heart disease, lung cancer as well.

So an individual should take the utmost care of themselves.

Second Hand Smoke Is What But A Passive Smoking

The test is capable to detect the contamination of one’s body and hence it will be able to highlight the possible risky situation that can be occurred or has already a part of your body.

The result can be seen in  10 minutes and that is what will take you to see the result. While it is possible that an extended level of marijuana could make a positive urine test.

This is likely to be limited for hours after the exposure of the smoke.

This has been researched by the famous researcher’s Johns Hopkins University.

There can be an example to explain the condition is

Six smokers were placed with different concentrations of THC.

And then six non-smokers were made to sit next to the chamber ( behind smokers). There were two cases, with ventilation and other without ventilation.

Later the non-smoker’s urine was tested over 34 hours the urine level of THC were surpassed and detectable in one person.

There can be many situations that can be taken ahead to make a test along with smokers and non-smokers.

So there can be different situations.

There are researches and studies have been made to support the studies and in 2016 study on rat indicated that second-hand marijuana has a major effect on blood vessels as much tobacco.

Many people are being afraid of being positive to the test but there can be possibilities as positive and negative.

So you cannot be assured beforehand. The drug test is more likely to have the cut off levels to remove the possibility of drug test due to second-hand exposure.

Exposure Of Second Hand Smoke

There are various states where it is considered as the illegal part, the basic reason behind to stop being involved in society is after knowing its health hazard as it can cause the onset of many problems.

There is a possibility to have an effect on the lungs

Blood vessels are one of the major parts affected on top.

There are many harmful chemicals that have been found to be included in tobacco and marijuana.

In one study it has been indicated that there are 20 levels of ammonia higher in second-hand smoke than marijuana smoke.

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