Kronos Golf Net Worth 2020 – Kronos Putter Success Story (2022)

Kronos Golf Net Worth 2020

Kronos Golf Net Worth 2020 2022 Golf is one of the finest games that has been running all over the world, and it is the choice form many individuals. There are practicing and golf park that has been made that allow people to pursue their dreams.

The official company the Indie putter manufacturer company was intended to make the premium.

There were two people named Phillip Lapuz and Eric Williams who were two friends and they used their knowledge and make implementation towards their golf love.

They both wanted to create a golf putter and wanted themselves to get aside from the companies,

Kronos Golf Net Worth They thought that instead of producing a bulk of golf putter it would be beneficial they though to bought craftsmen to make each putter.

Golf Putter – An Important Precision Club

Kronos Golf Net Worth – Consider as one of the most important parts and it is better to manufacture rather than mass producing them.

And that was the stage where the idea of putter idea was formed.

The putter is a hand finished and that too with precision in San Diego and also  Eric claims by purchasing a golf putter it is not claimed that one will be able to improve their game.

Three Series Of Putter

Both Phillip and Eric has managed to create the three series of a putter.

That includes Raw, refined, and Rare.

They started to even sell in some golf shops and some of the websites.

Both of the partners went to the shark tank to search for extra capital to make their business expand.

The Story Of Shark Tank

Kronos Golf Net Worth – Both Eric and  Phillip then enter the shark tank as mentioned above to make their business grow, therein they make their introduction to the sharks by claiming that they are seeking to make an investment of around $150,000.

This in turn will have 50% of the equity share in their company.

Phillips even make them be in that they are the one who claims to make the best putter, he also stated that more of the money should go into the putters rather than the golfers.

The best of the putters start with a solid block of steel and later mild for 2 hours to produce the best of them.

The duos show the three stages of the putter manufacture and also Phillip explains that this a very slow process of manufacturing, labor-intensive.

Both also suggested and even confirmed that there is not as such putter in the market that can enhance the ability of one to improve the game.

The cost of making such a high putter is around $120 and then it is sold to the stores between $200- $230.

The duo claimed that it has almost no amount and invested input is $100,000 and this is the major reason that they put forward to ask help from sharks.

Being dealing with the shark, Eric and Phillip are majorly focus on Japan as there has been a huge demand for this putter and had invested with the manufacturers to get them to develop the best putter.

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