International Competition For Countries That Boycotted the 1984 Olympics 

International Competition For Countries That Boycotted the 1984 Olympics 

Politics has been a piece of Olympic history for a very long time. Notwithstanding, this organization went to the cutting edge of open discussion in late 1979.

The sole contender to arrange the Olympic Summer Games 1984, the “City of Angels” was affirmed as the host city at the 80th IOC Session on 18 May 1978, turning out to be only the third city to organize the advanced Olympic Games twice, after Paris (1900 and 1924) and London (1908 and 1948).

After the monetary issues of 1976, just Los Angeles offer the option to have the 1984 Olympic Games. The offer was scrutinized for relying vigorously upon existing offices and corporate patrons.

In any case, the Games created a solid benefit of USD 223 million and turned into the model for future Games.

In the fight for the Soviet intrusion of Afghanistan, the American President Jimmy Carter required the United States group to blacklist the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

He gave this final offer saying that if Soviet soldiers didn’t pull back from Afghanistan by noon February 19, 1980, the American group would blacklist the Olympic Games.

An official declaration of the blacklist was made on March 21, 1980. Different nations including Japan, West Germany, Chins and Canada participated in the blacklist while others, for example, Great Britain and France sent fewer competitors than expected.

This blacklist truly influenced various occasions.

Nations Took Part

A portion of the taking part nations – Australia, Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, France, extraordinary Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Puerto Rico, San Marino, Spain, and Switzerland were not spoken to by their national banners at the opening, shutting or decoration functions. They contended under the Olympic banner.

Therefore there were a couple of decoration functions were three Olympic banners were raised.

Surprisingly, albeit just 81 countries partook, progressively world records were set in Moscow that in the 1976 games held in Montreal.

In 1984, the American city of Los Angeles facilitated the Olympic Games. The Soviet Union boycotted these games. They gave their explanation as worries over the wellbeing of their competitors in what they called an enemy of socialist condition.

This activity was viewed by numerous individuals as a retaliatory move for the 1980 blacklist. The Soviet unified nations additionally joined the blacklist.

Despite the nonappearance of the Soviets and their partners, the 1984 Games had 140 nations contending, with the American group prevailing upon 80 gold awards.

It is unexpected to take note that while the Soviets boycotted the games, China came back to the Olympic stage in 1984 following a multi-year nonappearance.

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