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Jannat Ke Pattay Novel Pdf Download – Nemrah Ahmed who is also known as “Nimra Ahmed” or “Nemrah niazi”, is a youthful Pakistani author. A basic article should begin like this to depict any author, yet when we talk about Nemrah Ahmed, it is absolutely the inverse.

At the youthful age of 21, she has gotten the most well-known, most talked about and fairly dubious youthful author in the realm of Urdu digests.

Much the same as stars on the cosmic system, or raindrops tumbling from the boundless sky or uncountable grains of the sand present out there, can be intelligently contrasted and the decent variety, the incomprehensibility of the subject, figurative style, foregrounding of high degree and nearly utilization of all such abstract devices can be found in Nemrah’s composition.

Her composing style is to investigate one-sided and well-sort out.

About The Story

Jannat Kay Pattay is a Socio Romantic Urdu Novel by Story Writer and Novelist Nemrah Ahmed Published by Ilm o Irfan Publishers, Lahore, and Kitab Ghar distributed for web-based perusing.

Jannat Ke Pattay is an account of Courage, Reality, Struggle and Faith which makes Novel Reader Thrilled, Fascinated and Awed.

The main character Haya Salman, LLB Hons Student,  a girl who at first has established a connection of a Modern Girl, confronted an entertaining defining moment in her life when she got a scholarship from a Turkish University and someone transferred her video of family work on the Internet.

Haya Salman belongs from a conventional family, she reached a Cybercrime Division Officer Major Ahmed yet she was shocked that he knows her quite well.

The writer has flawlessly mixed Romance, Loyalty, Care, Hospitality, Suspense Thriller Treasure Hunting and Sacrifice alongside Enmity, Wrath, and Fear with a delightful and paramount Message for her all perusers, that we as a whole cause a few blame throughout our life n to stay uninformed of them, yet when Allah ta’la chooses to cause us to apologize n learn of our deeds, HE evaluates us based on taking the penance of our most dear thing.

Will Haya have the option to get that video expelled from the web? Will she have the option to go to Turkey? What’s more, more significantly, will she, at last, have the option to meet “him”, he who she has never met however has been looking for a long time?

To know more about the novel, you need to download the Pdf format and get the full story of Jannat Ke Pattay.

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