PayStream Portal: Manage your Limited Company

To operate your limited company on your terms has been made simple and easy through Paystream Portal. It is a reliable and consistent accountancy service portal. It includes light-touch online accounts and in-depth personal tax planning and many more significant features.

The accountancy services of the Paystream Portal are designed to offer you what you require at a price that makes sense for your company. It depends on what you choose. You will benefit from the free, quick and easy set-up. It offers a dedicated accounting team. It involves a 24*7 portal access.

Main Highlights of the Paystream Portal

It is a free, swift and easy set-up.

You can access the instantaneous online portal 24*7.

Paystream provides insurance packages as well.

It supports your business through its dedicated accounts team. 

Paystream consists of the specialist tax team.

With My PSC Online, you can manage your limited company accounts online from £95 + VAT. It is a light-touch support system.

Via My PSC, you will benefit from a committed and responsible accounts team, wide-ranging bookkeeping, a handy expenses app and helpful tax guidance from £150 + VAT.

My PSC offers you several advantages. It offers all-encompassing business insurance and thorough financial planning and suggestion for you and your family from £250 + VAT.

An Umbrella company is the easiest way to get rewarded for nearly all contractors. The Umbrella Company engages contractors executing short-term assignments. It makes Pay as You Earn (PAYE) and National Insurance assistance – so no unforeseen tax invoices.

You get a dependable service record helpful for finance and loan applications. It offers access to prerogatives such as a workplace pension, holiday pay, and maternity or paternity pay. In brief, all the advantages of incessant service as a contractor, without the admin of operating your own limited company.

There are many reasons to select My Max, our Umbrella Company. It provides Permanent employment.

You gain holiday pay and workplace pension. It offers Legal payments.

You will get a continuous service record. It is useful for securing a loan or applying for credit. You will get increased holiday pay and take benefits from pension schemes.

You will get benefits like legal sick reimbursement and paternity or maternity remuneration. It offers Permissive expenses. There is £20m for insurance cover.

You will also gain from its Loyalty scheme membership. If you are not subject to the direction, supervision, and control, or you are traveling to manifold sites regularly, you may be qualified to obtain tax relief on your permissible company expenses.

Thus, the Paystream Portal 24*7 is highly beneficial to run your limited business.


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