Socrative Student: Formative Assessment Method

It is simple and easy for the students to share their knowledge by answering formative assessment questions through the Socrative Student login. The formative assessment questions are in a multiplicity of formats such as quizzes, quick question polls, exit tickets, and space races.

The students are required to install and use the Socrative Student App. Through the Socrative student login, students will be driven to join the teacher’s room employing the teacher’s unique code. There is no necessity for students’ accounts.

Ever since 2010, Socrative has presented formative assessment tools to teachers around the world. The mission of Socrative has always been to link teachers with students as learning takes place. It provides a fun and effective tools to weigh students’ understanding in real-time.

The teachers are enabled to alter their lessons to compel student learning successfully. Socrative Student has nearly 3 million users globally and is available in 14 languages at present times.

The teachers can assess student understanding with organized activities or on-the-fly questions. After that, they can fine-tune their teaching based on the results.

As per the requirements, the teachers can create quizzes, polls or shuffle questions to assess the students. Even the teachers can run their activity anonymously and provide instant feedback for the same.

The teachers can easily create and download Socrative quizzes. These quizzes can be upgraded automatically in real-time. Thus, the teachers do not have to spend time grading assignments. They can use the time to cater to the needs of the group.

The Socratic method of teaching also called the method of Elenchus, elenctic method, or Socratic debate. It is a type of mutual argumentative dialogue among individuals, based on asking and answering questions. It motivates critical thinking and draws out ideas and underlying assumptions.

Socrative Student: How to Login

To login into the Socrative app, the students must visit the Next, they must click on Login to sign as a student. Students do not need to create an account. Thus, they can associate with the teachers quickly.

After that, students have to enter the room name provided by the teacher. After entering the room name, click Join to login. Socrative Pro has no persistent fees.

Main Features of Socrative Student

Envisage student and whole-class awareness.

Multiple choice questions format.

True and false questions are included.

Presents open-ended questions are included.

Space race end of class exit tickets plays games.

Class report, question and student level reports.

Supported Devices and Browsers

Socrative runs on every browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Use any web-enabled devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops.


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