Portal Do Colaborador Almaviva: Interactive Almaviva Employee Portal

The Portal Do Colaborador Almaviva is the Almaviva employee portal. It has shown up with a fresh look, more content, and responsiveness.

The Employee Portal became the Almaviva Portal at the end of last July. It is a platform that supported links to the services of the former Employee Portal. This portal began to offer more details about institutional places and places for the contribution of its squad.

On the home page and in the main menu of this portal, employees can retrieve services like HR services, essential topics, notions such as the Company’s mission, vision, and values, details about the units and several links that can be helpful for those who employ with Almaviva.

There is the place for the ingenuity and contribution of those who want to view and communicate, through mobile phones, with Almaviva do Brasil’s posts on the social network in the divisions ‘Instagram’ and ‘Tell your Story’.

With a proper internet connection, the employees can access inside or outside the company. The employees have to type www.portalalmaviva.com.br or tap on the link available in the upper right corner of the Almaviva website (www.almavivadobrasil.com.br) for staying connected.

The mobile operator TIM selected Almaviva do Brasil to install a bilingual service cell. This service cell is called the TIM Bilingual which has been functioning since the middle of last year to sustain foreigners, residents, and non-residents, who speak English and who are not familiar with the Portuguese language, or even those who are out of the country and need to speak with the company in Brazil.

An arrangement of a bilingual service operation is always particular because it is based on the individuality of the language. The selection process needs a high level of a foreign language not only in discussion but in the writing and culture of the language as well.

The team has 20 attendants for this service. At the end of the year, there is a minor increase because of the greater number of calls. TIM was Almaviva do Brasil’s first customer. It has maintained its reliance on our company ever since our onset in the country in 2006.

Almaviva do Brasil received the Best of the Year 2016 Award on May, 16 for its accomplishment and performance united by Itaú Cobrança Operations, in the Card Assets category.

This award is part of the Best Companies of the Year campaign. It was done by Itaú Unibanco, the biggest private bank in the country to honor the best results of Contact Center partner companies that run in the Collection business.


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