The Idea Of Widow Remarriage Was Advocated By – karsondas Mulji

The Idea Of Widow Remarriage Was Advocated

The Idea Of Widow Remarriage Was Advocated

The Idea Of Widow Remarriage Was Advocated By – Enacted on July 26, 1856, it was legalized that widow of a Hindu marriage is permissible can be done without any permission.

It has been passed by law and no women will be answerable to the same. Lord Dalhousie was the one who drafted this and was passed by Lord canning.

Earlier it was not considered to be good and it was also against as one has to protect their family honor and property

The Hindu society disallows the marriage of a window again. It was the Hindu marriage act 1856 that allowed and gave the right to women to take up their life and live again.

In earlier society and age there was the case that women once get widows had to follow so many rules of The Idea Of Widow Remarriage Was Advocated By.

But as with the coming years and the thinking that people tend to take up, it has been stated that they have their own life and they can live the way they want.

This in turn came up with the Hindu Marriage Act. In this act, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was one of the most prominent ones who has initiated things and took long.

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karsondas Mulji And His Contribution Towards The Idea Of Widow Remarriage

he belongs to the family of kapol caste, he was separated from his family by knowing his views on Hindu remarriage.

Later he became the schoolmaster and started off with Satya Prakash in Gujarati. He also visited England for some of the business connection in regards to cotton, since it was not a success as expected.

Mahipatram was the one who wrote his biography with great introductory in English as well.

karsondas Mulji was the man behind the act of Hindu widow remarriage, as his thought made the life for many of those women who all were suffering from this tag.

He started the Satya Prakash in  1852 to advocate the remarriage of widows. Also, it was in 1850 Vishnu Shastri Pandit founded the widow remarriage association of The Idea Of Widow Remarriage Was Advocated By.

Why there has been every rule made for women? why they had to suffer so hard? There are many such questions that needs to be answered by society.

Women do have their life to live, they are not meant to do household chaos and prepare food.

They should be equally given the rights to make and set them free.

It has been seen that widow has to live their life as a saint, they have to be deprived of all colorful life and to take all things into consideration there was Hindu remarriage act came into existence.

The Condition Of Not Being A Common Person

When women’s being into the condition of widow then there is not the normal condition they have to be in, there were not allowed to be in a normal person condition.

They were not allowed to do the makeup, wear colorful clothes, boycott all festivals, and not being involved in any festivals.

The window was considered to be the most unlucky person.

When the act of Hindu remarriage act came into existence then the governor-general of India was Lord Canning.

The lower-class women were the ones to be implemented and in that case, it was a kind of relaxation to them.

After the law passed the first remarriage was on  December 7 1856 in North  Calcutta. It is one of the major social changes that took place and it needs to be taken in the favor of women.

Women had to initially suffer a lot and this is what needs to be changed and there in the women remarriage act took place and came into existence.

The Idea Of Widow Remarriage was a kind of necessity to make women be free from all the tantrums by society.

The act was able to give all the rights that women initially get at the time of their first marriage. It is their rights and why to get them deprived of what they deserve.

karsondas Mulji put a wonderful thought behind the action as it will be able to put all the rights that earlier women were missing to opt for.

He not only gave life back to women but all the rights that they hold.

Why they only had to suffer after their husband dies, is there a fault of them behind the death, of course not, then why to make such circumstances to be into.

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