Vishnu Priya – Star On TikTok And Social Media Influencer


Vishnu Priya – Star On TikTok And Social Media Influencer Who is Vishnu Priya? There are millions of stars over social media that has made their presence and Vishnu Priya is one of those.

When it comes to knowing about your favorite stars, influencer then there are social media platforms that allow you to explore so.

Who Is Vishnu Priya?

She is one of the viral Tik Tok stars, she has been into social media influencer as well, she is known to be into dancing, facial expressions and acting so there are many skills that she has been associated into.

Managing to gain overnight fame has what made her popular into the industry, she is known by her nickname called Shizuka who resemble the character of the Japanese manga series.

She was born on 14 June 2000 (Aurangabad). She has been born and bought up in the same city and currently has been found to continue in commerce field.

Belongs to the Hindu family, as not many details of her family have been found so one will not be able to explore that so.

Her full name is  Vishnupriya Nayar and 5.5 feet tall. She has been found to be associated with many of the videos and people liked her a lot.

She has been found to do many videos and when compared to other and previous.

Improved her makeup skills and talents so that could be the best in the overall industry, as many of them finds their space.

If you want to catch her then the social media platform is one of them. one can find Tik Tok. Instagram is also one of those.

People around the world like to watch her videos on Instagram and Tik Tok, so you can catch her over the same.

Career Of Vishnu Priya And Her Followers

When there were researches done for stars then there are many of those found to be associated with many of their male friends.

She has around 2.5 followers when there was research as if for March 2020. Joined a group named by two-person Shyam Chaudhari and Sai Patil.

Her Latest Videos Gained Popularity

Her video was Khudaki Inayat Hai Hame Jo Mila Hai that managed to reach around 98.4 million.

She focuses on funny and emotional videos and has been also found to engage with love and relationship videos.

When found on TikTok it has been seen that she gained around 11.8 million and 249.3 million and found named as Shizuka on Tik Tok.

Her YouTube channel named is VSS planet from Dream team, her highest liked video is named Khaab.

Net Worth Of Vishnu Priya

Made her popularity over social media platform she has been found to gain around 1-2 lakhs, apart from her video she is also involved in various branding and been involved in Gaana.

She likes to play chess and dancing, pets lover she is.

When you like to be into entertainment then you will like to play her videos. Punjabi songs are yet another interest of her.

Vishnu Priya has been seen playing in many videos and also in Marathi films.

So there are different categories that one will be able to see over videos, what you like and what you want to watch depends upon you.

She likes to wear traditional clothes and a big fan of Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone.

Watching Marathi and Bollywood films is what she likes and an animal lover too. If you want to connect with her then Instagram and Tik Tok is one of that platform.

You can see all her activities where she is going and what latest albums she is doing, you can connect with her.

Follow her to know what is happening around her.

She has been found to be associated with many videos and want to work with many of the latest videos.

Vishnu Priya is one of those that has gained much popularity to make her and one can catch her over YouTube, TikTok.

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